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SUMMARY: This is a paper that describes Dante's journey through h***** 'mid-life' crisis. It uses 7 sources in MLA format and it has a list of bibliography.


Mid-life is a period in life ***** which adults take on new responsibilities, in the family, and at work ***** changes are often wrought within, not only in the physical but also in *****ir spiritual self. The realities of life ***** stare them in the face, a very re*****l possibility ***** death begins to strike *****m, their faith or lack of it is in doubt, very *****ten there are crises in personal or ***** life, there is a general need to "reappra*****e previous ***** structures with an eye to making revisions while there is still time" (Huyck, 1997).

***** term of "mid-life crisis" was *****iginally coined by Jaques (1965) who claimed that people encounter a ***** *****s they realize ***** own mortality and a change in time frame from "time since birth" ***** "time left to live." (Shek, 1996). Specifically, the mid-life crisis is *****ten thought to include: worries about the future, inability ***** enjoy leisure time, a feeling of failing health is deteriorating, a negative evaluation of ***** marital relationship, a negative evaluation of work life, ***** stress arising from taking c***** ***** the elderly. (Shek, 1996). However,.".. it is now appre*****iated that a critic*****l component of experiencing a cr*****is is being able to see it through ***** a resolution." (Atkinson, R., 2002)

Dante's mid-***** s*****uation

The Divine Comedy is thought to be written by Dante's mature years. In th***** epic poem, *****e opening can***** of Inferno ***** Dante's own mid-life situation as follows: "I found myself in a dark wood, for the straight way was lost. Ah, how hard it is to tell what that wood *****, wild, rugged, harsh; the very thought ***** it renews ***** fear! It ***** so b*****ter that death is *****ly more *****." Ever ***** the ex*****tence of a mid-life crisis has been postulated, Dante's experience has become the metaphor ***** the middle life years. (Atkinson, *****., 2002)

In the context ***** a normal, socially prescribed rite of passage, a 'crisis' is the halfway point through a natural process. If one foc***** on only one part of a complete *****nd purposeful process, one may m*****s the intent of ***** whole. People in traditional cultures accepted ***** the life cycle comprised stages and that gett*****g ***** the times ***** transition was a natural *****. They did not fear the middle (i.e., the conflict or crisis) ***** of the process; because they knew it would be resolved eventually. (*****, R., *****) Dante was an ardent Catholic, as well as a Classicist who had been living the lf***** of a pol*****ical exile away from his beloved Florence. In The Divine Comedy, he created a highly regimented Hell, developing a hierarchy of sins in the tradition ***** Greek philosophy. Each s***** was illustrated in well-known figures ***** 14th century ********** and the legendary Greeks and *****omans,


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