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***** paper focuses on the positive and negative consequences of day ***** on a child's psychological development.


When the child is enrolled in ***** care for twenty or more hours a week, p*****rents experience difficulty ***** handling the children [Belsky et al., p.556-678]. Usually the behavioral problems are related to aggression, or defiance.

If a child ***** spending the first 3 crucial years at ***** day *****, the parent-child bond is likely to be effected. Th***** can lead to feelings of insecurity, low self esteem, ***** self confidence and inability ***** form close relationships.


The children in day care have the higher levels of verbal ***** mathematical abilities [Broberg et al, p.62-69]. Thus, children spending a fair amount of time in qu*****ity day care before forty months of age have higher cognitive test scores. Their cognitive abilities are reflected by the language ***** and competence.

The day care quality is also associated with children's socio-emotional development [Peisner-Feinberg and Burchinal, p.451-477]. Children in group day care have greater opportunities to interact ***** o*****r children of similar age *****. They show ***** interest and participate more frequently in group tasks and are socially competent. And ***** in day ***** ***** experience lower ***** of separation anxiety.


Children are affected ***** many ways by the day c***** set up they have been enrolled in*****. Those effects can be positive or negative, depending on the quality of day care, the ***** & amount of time a child spends *****t day care and with parents. The effects are manifested through behavioral *****. ***** positive ***** ***** be ***** through a child's cognitive ***** social development. The risks are there when it comes to enrolling the child in a ***** care. But ***** has its own *****nefits as well.


Belsky, J., Woodworth, S., & Crnic, K. (1996). Trouble in ***** sec*****d year: Three questions about family interaction. Child Development, 67, 556-578.

Broberg, A., Wessels, H., Lamb, M., & **********, C. (1997). Effects ***** day care on the development of cognitive ***** in 8-year-olds: A longitudinal study. Developmental Psychology, 33, 62-69.

*****, E. & *****, *****. (*****). Relations between preschool children's child-care *****s and concurrent development: The cost, quality, ***** outcomes study. Merrill-Palmer Quarterly, 43,


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