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day care



This paper focuses on the positive and negative consequences of day ***** on a child's psychological development.


When the child is enrolled in ***** care for twenty or more hours a week, p*****rents experience difficulty in handling the children [Belsky et al., p.556-678]. Usually the behavioral problems are related to aggression, or defiance.

If a child is spending ***** first 3 crucial years at the day *****, the parent-child bond ***** likely to be effected. This can lead to feelings of insecurity, low self esteem, ***** self confidence and inability ***** form close relationships.

***** *****

***** ***** in day care have the higher levels of verbal ***** mathematical abilities [Broberg ***** al, p.62-69]. Thus, children spend*****g a fair amount of time in qu*****ity day care before forty months of age have higher cognitive test scores. Their cognitive abilities are reflected by the language development and competence.

The day care quality is also associated with children's socio-emotional ***** [Peisner-Feinberg and Burchinal, p.451-477]. Children in group ***** care have greater opportunities to interact with other children of similar age *****. They show ***** interest and participate more frequently in group tasks and are socially competent. And ***** in day ***** also experience lower levels of separation anxiety.


Children are affected ***** many ways by the day c***** set up they have been enrolled in*****. Those effe*****ts can be positive or negative, depending on the ***** of day care, the quality & amount of time a child spends at ***** care and ***** parents. The effects are manifested through behavioral *****. And positive effects can be ***** through a child's cognitive ***** social development. The risks are *****re when it comes to enrolling the child in a day care. But it has its own benefits as well.


Belsky, J., Woodworth, S., ***** Crnic, K. (1996). Trouble ***** the sec*****d year: Three questions about family interaction. Child Development, 67, 556-578.

Broberg, A., Wessels, H., Lamb, M., & Hwang, C. (1997). Effects ***** day care on the ***** of cognitive ***** in 8-year-olds: ***** longitudinal study. Developmental Psychology, *****3, 62-69.

*****, E. & Burchinal, *****. (1997). Relations between preschool children's child-***** *****s and concurrent development: The cost, quality, ***** outcomes study. Merrill-Palmer Quarterly, 43,


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