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De Tocqueville's view of human nature

Overview about De Tocqueville and his book

Alexis de Tocqueville was born in Paris on 1805. He came from a rich family, which they were considered as one ***** the upper-class family in Paris. He had his private tutor during his childhood days and studied law. He was successful in his career where he later be***** a substitute judge in Versailles. He went to U.S. at ***** age of 25 as an aris*****cratic Frenchman. Furt*****rmore, he ***** elected as a represent*****tive of Valognes to t***** Chamber Deputies for the reason that his first published book entitled "Democracy ***** America" was a success ***** after serving as representative he turned in***** the Constituent Assembly and Legislative Assembly in the United States.

De Tocqueville wrote two-volume study ***** "Democracy in America," the first volume was ***** ***** 1835 and five years later he wrote ***** second volume. The book serves as ***** observations and further study of the American people ***** how their political institutions worked. This book was the most popular that he wrote for ***** following reasons as b*****ed on the online source,

The ***** deals with issues like religion, the press, money, class structure, racism, ***** role of government, the judicial system, etc. -- issues that are just as relevant today as *****y were then. Democracy in America h***** undergone several periods ***** ********** throughout the century, but it's never been as popular ***** it is now. Scores of colleges around ***** country use the text in ***** science and history courses, ***** historians consider it one of the most comprehensive and insightful books ever written about the U.S."

***** Tocqueville supported the Catholic Church, criticized the French military and opposed the Algerian government. ***** believed ***** the Catholic Church, as he firmly stated in his book, ***** religion is important in the social equality of the nation.

Human Nature ***** Philosophy

Tocqueville was dismayed with what was happening in his country, there was a revolution ***** French ***** and so he went to America ***** search ***** what is t***** real meaning of democracy. He observed how the Americans ***** running the ***** in such a way that there ***** freedom in their country. He practically saw the equality ***** the people with ***** *****. According to Anderson, "the equality of conditions defines a social state where ***** influence of one man over another-central to the ar**********cratic regime-has been replaced ***** the egalitarian idea of individual consent; the victory of consent over influence, ***** the elevation of human autonomy closely linked to it, has dramatic ***** and political effects, leaving nothing as it was; Tocqueville felt "religious dread" when he contemplated ***** sublime force ***** this historical mutation, which he saw as Providential ***** in conform*****y with human *****." (1996). ***** feared for the aristocratic regime for his country came from it and he idolized the democratic regime of America but then he found out that "t***** democra*****ic regime threatens to


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