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Death Penalty in Michigan

There are, at present, 38 states with the death penalty and 12 without ( 2004). Michigan is one of the 12. From 1976, *****re have been 906 executions in the US: 517 were white, 310 blacks; 57 hispanic; and 22, other races. More than 80% of these cases involved white victims, although only 50% of murder victims were *****. Case studies on race showed that 96% had racial undertones, whereby 98% of the chief district attorneys were white and only 1% were black. Another study conducted in Philadelphia revealed that more blacks were given the death penalty ***** ***** and other ***** at 38%. Still another study ***** in North Carolina said ***** the death sentence went up by 3.5 times when ***** victims were white ( Records show that 37 ***** with the death penalty used lethal injection method in 739 executions, 151 by electrocution, 11 by gas chamber, 3 by hanging ***** 2 ***** firing squad.

Surveys of top academic criminological societies said ***** 84% of these experts did not consider the death penalty a deterrent to murder. Police ********** also revealed in a 1995 Hart Research that they did ***** believe it was an effective law enforcement tool. Yet Gall***** polls favored it at 64% over 32% against *****. The public also preferred it at 53% against life without parole ***** 44%.There are currently 11 states with more than 100 death row inmates, led by California at 843, Texas ***** 458 and Florida with *****1. There are, ***** present, 3,503 ***** convicts, some ***** whom are sentenced in more than one state.

***** death ***** costs a lot. The st*****te of Kansas discovered that it spent 70% ***** on death penalty ***** than ***** comparable non-capital cases, which include incarceration. The Indiana Criminal Law Study Commission calculated its total death penalty costs as exceeding those of life without parole ***** approximately 38%, and on *****sumption that the death sentences were overturned and reduced to ***** imprisonment.

North Carolina spent over $2.18 million per execution ***** the costs of a non-death ***** murder case with a sentence of life imprisonment. Most of these ***** were incurred during tri*****l. ***** spent $51 million a year over and beyond what it cost to punish all first-degree murderers with life ***** without *****. It ***** Florida $24 million for each of the 44 executions it had since 1978. Texas shelled out $2.3 million on the average, or thrice the cost ***** life imprisonment in a single maximum cell for 40 years. And California ***** $90 ***** every year beyond ordinary costs of o*****ations of the justice system. Of this *****, $78 million went out at the trial level.

***** year, a Michigan House Committee voted in a way th***** marked *****e first step in lifting the state's 18-year ban on capital *****ment ( 2003). ***** ***** Regulatory Reform Committee ***** 6-4 in favor of a death penalty resolution for a statewide vote that August. The ***** was


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