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***** Situation

***** Background

Goals Objectives, Policies and Strategies

SWOT Analysis


Maintained No. 1 position in the computer hardware **********

Introduction and sell of 2 million printers

Increased Revenues

Increased Year over Year Shipments


Decline in revenue growth

Decrease in Investment Income


Increasing the company's presence in existing markets

Entering new markets,

Pursuing additional product ***** service opportunities

Threats price wars (competition)

Inability to handle product transitions risks associated with doing business abroad

***** in ***** infrastructure





Evaluation and Control

Current Situation

His*****rical Background

Dell Inc. is the leading manufacturer in ***** computer hardware industry. The company specializes in the development, design, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of an expansive ***** line built according to cus*****mer requirements ("Full Company Description"). ********** products include both enterprise and client systems. The products sold to ********** ***** storage servers, networking products and workstations ("Full ***** Description"). Client systems include desktop and notebook computer ***** ("Full Company *****"). Dell also offers a wide array of printers, MP3 players, projectors, handhelds and wireless products ("Full Description").

In addition, the company ***** various support programs including 24 hour around the clock support ("Full ***** Description").

The company is able to maintain such a support system because it has Command Centers throughout the world including China, Japan, Ireland, the United States ("***** Company Description"). Additionally, all computer systems have a limited w*****rranty and the ***** *****fers both telephone and online support. It also offers a helpdesk for all software and peripherals ("Full Company Description").. Dell's customer support system has long been ***** benchmark in the computer hardware industry ("***** Company Description").

In January 2004, Dell announced partnerships ***** Fuji Xerox, Kodak ***** and Samsung (Hachman). These partnerships were initiated to *****ow Dell ***** add new products to its already expansive product line (Hachman). By the end of 2004 these partnerships resulted in the addition of digital media adapters and video players to the company's product ***** (Hachman). These partnershipt aid Dell in *****ng a competitive advantage (Hachman).

***** Objectives, Policies and *****

Currently, your company is divided in three geographic subdivisions ********** Europe, the Americas, and Asia Pacific (Japan) ("Dell Annual Report 2004"). Inside the Americas, the company is further divided in***** Bus*****ess ***** U.S. Consumer subdivisions ("Dell Annual Report 2004"). The objective of the company is to increase stockholder value through the implementation ***** a strategy, whose foundation is based on the direct model ("***** Annual Report 2004." Th***** model is concentrated in three areas including growth, profitability, and liquidity ("Dell Annual Report 2004"). In addition, your company's ***** strategy seeks to merge its direct ***** model with an efficient m*****ufacturing ***** supply chain management organization emphasizing standards-based technologies. ("***** Annual Report 2004")

Another lofty objective of the company came in 2002 when the ***** declared that it would double sales to $60 billion in five years. Although many scoffed at the idea, today Dell ***** on its way towards meeting this objective. *****deed the company's strategy involves identifying


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