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***** Situation

Historical Background

***** Objectives, Policies and Strategies

SWOT Analysis


***** No. 1 position in the computer hardware *****dustry

Introduction and sell of 2 million printers

Increased Revenues

Increased Year over Year Shipments


***** in revenue growth

Decrease in Investment Income


Increasing the company's presence in existing markets

***** new markets,

Pursuing additional product ***** service opportunities

Threats price wars (competition)

Inability to handle product transitions risks associated with doing business abroad

***** in ***** infrastructure





***** and Control

Current Situation

Historical Background

Dell Inc. is the leading manufacturer in ***** computer hardware industry. The company specializes in the development, design, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of an exp*****sive product line built according to cus*****mer requirements ("Full Company Description"). These *****s include both enterprise and client systems. The products sold to enterprises include storage servers, networking products and workstations ("Full ***** Description"). Client systems include desktop and notebook computer systems ("***** Company *****"). Dell also offers a wide array of printers, MP3 players, projectors, handhelds and wireless products ("Full Description").

In addition, ***** company *****fers various support programs including 24 hour around the clock support ("Full ***** Description").

The ***** is able to maintain such a support system because it has Comm***** Centers throughout the world including China, Japan, Ireland, the Un*****ed States ("***** Company Description"). Additionally, all computer ********** have a limited w*****rranty and the company offers both telephone and online support. It also ***** a helpdesk for ***** software and peripherals ("Full Company Description").. Dell's customer support system has long been the benchmark in ***** computer ***** industry ("***** Company Description").

In January 2004, Dell announced partnerships with Fuji Xerox, Kodak and ***** Samsung (Hachman). ***** partnerships were initiated to allow Dell to add new ***** to its already expansive product line (Hachman). By the end of ***** these partnerships resulted in the ********** of digital media adapters and video players to the company's product l*****e (Hachman). These partnershipt aid Dell in *****ng a competitive ********** (Hachman).

Goals Objectives, ***** and *****

Currently, your company is divided ***** three geographic subdiv*****ions including Europe, the Americas, and Asia Pacific (Japan) ("Dell Annual Report 2004"). Inside ***** Americas, the company is further divided into Business and U.S. Consumer subdivisions ("Dell Annual Report 2004"). The objective of the ***** is to increase stockholder value through the implementation of a str*****tegy, whose foundation is based on the direct model ("Dell Annual ***** 2004." Th***** model is concentrated in three areas ***** growth, profitability, ***** liquidity ("***** Annual Report 2004"). In addition, ***** company's ***** strategy seeks to merge its ***** customer model with an efficient m*****ufactur*****g and supply chain management organization emphasizing standards-based technologies. ("Dell Annual Report 2004")

Another lofty objective of the company came in 2002 when the company declared that it would double sales to $60 billion in five years. Although many sc*****fed at the idea, today Dell ***** on its way towards meeting this objective. Indeed the *****'s str*****egy involves identifying


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