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Differentiated Instruction in the Classroom

***** ONE


Students in ***** classroom have varied abilities and learn at varying rates which makes differentiation of instruction a practice that supports the learning ***** all students. This work explores what differentiation of instruction is and ***** it is not with a particular focus on differentiated instruction in the science *****.


Most teachers currently use the direct instruction approach and not all students are on the same level so achievement is not up to standards for all *****.


***** ***** ***** direct instructi***** in science classes doesn't allow adequate learning for all students.


The purpose of this project is to....determine the relationship between measures of student achievements in ***** classes in grades 9-12 and implementation ***** differentiated *****on over a period of 1 semester.


The significance of ***** study is to determ*****e ***** relationship between measures ***** student ***** in science classes in grades ***** and ***** of ***** *****struction ***** a ***** of ***** semester.


1) Differentiated Instruction: This is a "bro*****d term that refers ***** a v*****riety of classroom practices that accommodate differences in *****' learning styles, interests, prior knowledge, socialization needs, and com*****t zones. On the secondary level, it involves a balance between the content and competencies expected on the mandated assessments and various pedagogical options to maximize durable *****." (Benjamin, 2002)

***** TWO


***** work ***** Saldanha (2007) entitled; "Differentiated Instruction in Science" reports a study in which thirty five students participated that addressed the question of "***** Instruction in Science: What is the effect of student achievement ***** science ***** their attitude toward it?" (Saldanha, 2007) The students in this study additionally "shared ***** feelings towards the different strategies in ***** instruction of ***** used by the high school science teacher." (Saldanha, 2007)

Differentiated instruction is stated to be "a teaching ***** in which educational *****, process, and product are adapted according to student readiness, interest, and learning pr*****ile." However differentiated ***** "unlike individualized instruction, in which ***** must ***** directed ***** the specific needs ***** skills of each individual student, differentiated ***** addresses ***** needs of student clusters." (Education World Pr*****essional Development Strategy of the Week; as cited in Saldanha, 2007) ***** states that differentiation is "tailoring instruction to meet individual needs..." and th***** includes differentiation ***** "content, *****, products, or ********** learning environment, the use of ongoing assessment and flexible gro*****ing ***** this a successful approach to instruction." (Saldanha, 2007)

********** is "no recipe for *****" but instead is directly related to the professional*****m of ***** teacher and is a "way of thinking about teaching and learning ***** values the individual and can be translated into classroom practice in many **********. To reach the ***** of all students' differentiated *****struction is becoming more typical in ***** classes from k*****dergarten through grade twelve." (Saldanha, 2007) According to Tomlinson (1999) the ***** needs to "make *****se accommodations


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