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four Dimensions of change

Victoria Hospital - Change Initiative and The Four Dimensions of *****

1. Introduction

***** approach to the four dimensions ***** *****, strategies resources, systems and culture, is vital moreover when "organizations define a change project by developing an appropriate strategy *****d then manage that initiative on a daily basis ***** utilizing resources, ***** and culture ***** enable the organizati***** to accomplish its goals ***** objectives" (***** Dimensions of Change).

The strategic component refers ***** ***** total change decisions taken and implies a const*****nt process ***** adaptation. The strategies must be designed in full accordance with corporate capabilities and requirements ***** must be adequately implemented. The resource ***** revolves around the company's necessities in implementing the change initiative and may refer to staff or financial requirements. The systems used within the organization must ***** highly efficient to ensure a rapid communication within and outside ***** company as well ***** support the decision making *****. ***** ***** culture ***** support the occurring *****s and embrace diversity and improvement.

Victoria ***** is an org*****ization which decided to address the matter of change initiative in order ***** increase *****ir adaptability to the outside environment but also the increase the quality of their services. These changes were required even more when economic shortfalls were foreseen for the years to come and hospitals had ***** reduce costs and ***** efficiency off al services and corporate *****.

2. Application An*****ysis

The initiator of the change was Dr. Linden Frelick, President and Chief Executive Officer at Victoria Hospital. His plan was initially met with resistance, but ***** ***** was beneficial on the long run. The restructuring of the hospital was to be done through the replacement of "traditional hierarchical structures of function-specific groups with a fl***** structure of streamlined interdisciplinary ***** self-managed clinical teams" (Fryday-Field).

The scope ***** the plan ***** to restructure the hospital in order ***** retrieve cost reduction, ***** of patient care and the utilization of employees' full potential. In developing ***** implementing the process of organizational change, the four dimensions were taken into consideration.


Since massive downsizes are only a short term solution to ***** *****s, with disastrous long term effects, Dr. ***** came up ***** three separate courses of action. The first strategy implied ***** alignment of organizational ***** with the way the hospital cared for its **********. The second strategy revolved around the redesign of ***** affairs to meet resource constraints, technological requirements and patients' needs. Finally, ***** third strategy required the development and implementation of entrepreneurial ***** to s*****port the achievement of ***** stated goals (Fryday-Field).


***** regard ***** the hospital's human resource, Victoria employs a ***** ***** 4,000 individuals who commit their lives to ***** patients. The management benefits of the employees' full support in the matter ***** improving health care conditions. However, personnel changes are also *****, in the *****m of increased efficiency, self managing and hierarchical *****, leaning towards horizontal in the detriment of vertical structures.

The ***** *****s represented a signific*****nt


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