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Disability & Technology


People with disabilities form a significant portion of the population and their education and other needs also make important considerations ***** policy *****rs and government officials. Generally disability is viewed as something not normal with the physical & mental abilities of an individual. Disability includes blindness, deafness, a variety of conditions that make it hard or impossible to walk ***** to speak, mental illnesses and such diseases as Down's syndrome and epilepsy. So, dis***** hinder many normal and natural body or mental functions of a person. Some ***** *****se problems are congen*****al ***** some are developed after a dise*****e or an accident etc. Almost every women, men and children of all ages, races and ethnicities experience a disability some time during his ***** her life***** due to different reason ***** for different period ***** time. "Today, 54 million people in the United States are living in the community with a dis*****bility. That's one in every five people. According to the most recent census data, around 52 million of them live in ***** community. Additionally, about 2 million live in nursing homes and ot***** long-term c***** facilities. *****2.6 percent ***** 45 to 54 year olds have some form of disability; 44.9 percent ***** 65 to 69 year olds have some form of disability; ***** 73.6 percent of those 80 *****s and older ***** some ***** ***** disability" (U.S. Census Bureau 2002).

Medical professionals suggest cures, rehabilitation or protection for the individual with a disability according ***** the condition of an individual. The problem in case of disability is that *****s not only have physical hurdles to overcome but they also face restrictions imposed on them by attitudinal, social, cultural, economic, and environmental barriers to their participation in society. Most people with disabilities can, ***** do, work, play, learn, and enjoy full healthy *****s in their communities but social ********** hinder them. In offering solutions to ***** medical intervention as well as social solution ***** contri*****ion of members of society is also important. Some even argue that discrimination against and socially exclusion because of having impairment is more disabling than the ***** itself.

********** of Disability

Different kinds of disabilities affect people in ***** ways. On the whole ***** have physical, mental ***** other *****.

Physical Disabilities:

Mobility impairment is the generally considered as the major area of physical disability. Few people get mobility impairment by birth while majority get it ***** *****s, injuries, dise*****es or illnesses later in life. Basic mobility, co*****dination and balance, strength ***** endurance, and other aspects of body function ***** affect when a ***** *****cquires a physical impairment.

***** impairment ***** comes under ***** disabilities and includes ***** with a complete or partial loss of vision. Vision in different people is affected in ***** ways. ***** people are ********** blind as they have no central v*****ion while *****ly blind people ***** side or peripheral vision or only the edges or a p*****rt of the visual field might be obscured. Different light conditions also


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