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Cultural Models

This is a paper on analyzing cultural models. There is one reference used for this paper.


***** are a number of things that can be done to improve school achievement. It is important to analyze the effects of ***** models and settings and their connection to school improvements.

School Improvements

Cultural models in the educational setting ***** be related ***** ***** ethnical background ***** children or the mode of teaching employed by educators. When a study was conducted on Latino children as they entered kindergarten and ***** literacy background, it was d*****covered that the main focus of the p*****nts was to teach good moral values. While ***** illustrated the cultural background of the parents, ***** was noted the parents were willing to attempt new methods in order to further their children's education. Unfortunately, most of the parents quickly reverted ***** ***** previous *****havior in terms of read*****g fundamentals and *****.

Many teachers have cub***** holed themselves into a specific mode of te*****ching. This cultural method mainly deals with the teacher working independently of others, and attending only mandatory teaching workshops. There have been ***** ***** models which concentrate on four points: "goals, indicators, assistance and leadership (Gallimore)." These models allow the ***** to interact more with other educators in their school, and become more involved in meet*****gs after class.

Teachers in studies concerning these new models feel that both they and the students benefit from this new mode of teaching.

Positive Models

The *****al system is showing signs of improvement as changes are made in cultural *****, both *****ly and in terms of *****. There have been ***** conducted over several years, which ***** provided meticulous ***** significant data on these ***** models.

***** throughout the country need to be encouraged to examine these studies and work ***** implement similar methods in their own school systems as a means to ***** their students and improve ***** work environment.


***** models which focus not only on the ethnic backgrounds of students ***** parental involvement, but also ***** the teaching methods ***** educa*****rs *****, are improving educational output for students in Sou*****rn California. ***** models ***** being studied to determine whether ***** could be implemented throughout the United States as a me*****ns of improving academic ***** for students.


Galli*****, Ronald. 2001. Analyzing Cultural ***** and Settings ***** Connect Minority

Achievement and School Improvement Research. Educational Psychologist. Pp.


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