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Cultural Models

***** is a paper on analyzing cultural models. There is *****e reference used for this paper.


There are a number of things that can be done to improve school achievement. It is important to analyze the effects of cultural models and settings and their connection to school improvements.

School Improvements

Cultural ***** in the educational setting can be related ***** ***** ethnical background of children or the mode ***** teaching employed by educators. When a study was conducted on Latino children as they entered kindergarten and ***** literacy background, it was d*****covered that the main focus of ***** parents was to teach good moral values. While this illustrated the cultural background of the parents, ***** was noted the parents were willing to attempt new methods in order ***** fur*****r their children's education. Unfortunately, most of the parents quickly reverted to ***** previous *****havior ***** terms of reading fundamentals and *****.

Many teachers have cub***** holed ********** into a specific mode ***** *****. This ***** method mainly deals with the teacher working independently of others, and attending only mandatory teaching workshops. There have been ***** cultural *****ls which concentrate on four points: "goals, indicators, assistance and leadership (Gallimore)." These models allow the ***** to interact more ***** other educators in their school, and become more involved in meet*****gs after class.

Teachers in studies concerning these new models feel that both they ***** the students benefit from this new mode of teaching.

Positive Models

The ********** system is showing signs of improvement as changes are made in cultural *****, both *****ly and in terms of *****. There ***** been ***** ***** over several years, which have provided meticulous ***** significant data on ***** ***** models.

Teachers throughout ***** country need to be encouraged to examine these studies and work to implement similar methods in their own school systems as a me*****ns ***** ***** their students ***** improve their work environment.


Cultural models which ***** not only on the ethnic backgrounds of students and parental involvement, but also ***** the teaching methods ***** ***** *****mselves, are improving educational output for students in Southern California. These models are being studied to determine whether ***** could be implemented throughout the United States as a means of improving academic achievement for students.


Gallimore, Ronald. 2001. Analyzing Cultural ***** ***** Settings to Connect Minority

***** and School Improvement Research. Educational Psycholog*****t. Pp.


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