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Division/Classification Essay

Friendships: Classification

The first type of friendship most ***** us can recall making is that of our first 'best friend' in kindergarten, nursery school, or simply around the neighborhood. This ***** type of friendship occurs and reoccurs in our lives beca*****e of commonality—common age, common location, common **********, and even just sharing a common st***** of development, like toddlerhood or being the two sh*****test boys in 7th grade. It is *****ten a secure and nonjudgmental friendship. It doesn't matter if someone ***** ***** best student ***** class, or the best at Nintendo or kickball. Simple acceptance is the key to this ***** of friendship.

However, sometimes *****se *****s do not move ***** the 'next level' of intimacy. If these friendships ***** convenience do ***** become more intimate they are likely to fade when the two friends are placed in d*****ferent classes, change dorm rooms or change jobs. Intimacy ***** a deeper friendship involves some judgment, as when you solicit advice from a friend and ***** tell you ***** truth, even if it hurts—that you should leave your boyfriend, that you are being unre*****onable to *****r parents, that you made a fool of yourself at the last party you *****tended.

Friendships w*****h older individuals often have a men*****ring qu*****lity that is ***** stronger than these friendships of intimacy and gentle judgment. A mentor is often treated with respect. There is often an unequal sharing between the two people in the friendship. The mentor guides ***** counsels and takes an interest in the *****nger person, ***** is ********** by seeing the trainee succeed. ***** may occur in the workforce, in ***** classroom between teacher *****d pupil, and even ***** cross-generational friendships.

***** *****ing relationship may have ***** overlap ***** friends who are also family members. One of the proudest things any parent can boast is that his or her child is a friend as well as a dependant. This means ***** ***** ***** and child share fun times, hobbies, and confidences together, ***** well as merely relate to one another as authority figure and subordinate. This can occur as well, to a lesser degree, with other rel*****tives who fulfill friendship as well as familial roles, both across generations, or within similar age groups in a more *****, equal fashion.

***** is a f**********l, perhaps darker type of friendships—forced friendships. These friendships occur at work, *****, or ***** because one's spouse has a group of friends one is forced to endure, or maybe in grade school out ***** fear of retribution from one of the 'popular' kids. You may 'hang out' with ********** people but as soon as the person who is the glue to your relationship *****s, ********** is an uncomfortable silence. Forced friendships reveal themselves ***** they cause stress, as they are due ***** social obligations, ***** do not contain the critical element of the ***** 'true' friendships above—that of mutual


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