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Dominican Republic

The Impact of International Debt on Poverty and Development in the Dominican Republic

***** Third World countries like the Dominican Republic, there can be no question that poverty is rampant and development is slow in manifesting. Unfortunately, pinpointing the precise causes of poverty is not as e*****y as *****serting it is the fault ***** ***** government, or that ***** is caused by unjust economic practices. Despite the ambiguity, it ***** possible to highlight some of the fac*****rs that influence the extent of poverty and the lack ***** development in Third World nations, especially the Dominican Republic. In fact, it is apparent after some examination ***** the heavy burden of debt ***** nation carries ***** influential in the persistence of poverty in the country, especially when we consider that otherwise the ***** indicators suggest ***** ***** strength of the Republic's economy is improving. The purpose of this study is to trace ***** effect the ***** has on ***** ***** ***** in the nati*****, the impact that this has on the choices available to its citizens, and what strategies could be implemented ***** improve the situation in the Dominican Republic.

In *****, ***** Dominican Republic has shown significant economic improvements in the past few decades, standing as one of only three Central American ********** to have a per capita GDP that has surpassed levels recorded in ***** 1970s (Schipke). With such a promising economic outlook, it might come as a shock to some observers th*****t poverty is pervasive and systemic in the Dominican Republic. It represents ***** of the most ***** issues facing the people ***** the nation, especially those who live in rural areas. It is those individuals who have been particularly hard-hit ***** the rigors of poverty. One ***** ***** most troubling contributing fac*****rs that affects poverty in the ***** is the high level of public debt that the government ***** ********** from international organizations like the IMF or the World Bank. In all of ***** America, including ***** Dominican ***** (though interestingly excluding Guatemala) the average national debt stood at 47% of ***** national ***** at the end of ***** 2006 fiscal year (Schipke). ***** national debt at ***** ***** high, it is little wonder ***** poverty continues to dominate domestic ***** in the ***** Republic. The sheer amount of money it takes to pay this outstanding ***** is ***** that ***** have been spent on social services and ***** programs to ********** the economy and lift the impoverished out of their circumstances.

Of course, critics could point out, why should ***** expect ***** increased spending on ***** services would have any ***** on the level of poverty in ***** Dom*****ican Republic? The reality is, however, that numerous studies—some specific*****y focused on the Dominican Republic—***** demonstrated that *****re is a direct connection between certain aspects ***** society and poverty levels. For example, the "Dominican Republic Poverty Assessment," produced by the World Bank, found ***** there are strong correlations ***** ***** and the following factors: access to healthcare


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