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DQ1—Strategic Change

DQ -1 What is the importance of leadership, values, and organizational communication in shaping the organization's culture and helping to embrace strategic change?

***** forms of organizations are inherently more change-res*****tant than others. For example, an org*****ization with a clearly defined hierarchy ***** locus of centralized command, such as a military organization or a business ***** a highly authoritarian leader who is as strict as a milit*****ry general, will often be less responsive ***** environmental changes. An ***** with a more responsive leader who is willing to pursue a flexible methodology of decision making and ***** is ***** to learn from all of his or her subordinates will be less-change resistant.

***** hierarchical organization even without a charismatic or dictatorial leader can also be intransient to change, if the bureocratic nature of the ***** decision-***** relies upon standard operating procedures, or protocol, rather than allows the organization to be ***** to external events. T***** is why facilitating organizational ***** on all ***** levels can increase flexibility in an organization, regardless ***** ***** ***** structure. Frequent meetings between the CEO and lower-level managers allows the CEO to entertain new ideas inspired by ***** manger's unique fields of expertise. Meetings between ***** ***** lower-level employees can give managers important qualitative input about cus*****mer likes and dis*****, ways to save time during production, and other suggestions that can help in the formation of long-term ***** goals and create a more efficient strategic plan. An organization must embrace such holistic input as one ***** its core values, however, and genuinely ***** ********** from all levels of the *****'s hiearchy, rather than stress the value of simply following orders or pursuing a singular company


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