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Dracula - Bram Stoker's Immortal Count, the Modern Anti*****Hero and Fallen Angel of Romantic Dreams

Dracula, written by Bram (Abraham) Stoker in 1897, ***** was orig*****ally published by Archibald Constable and Company. The modern version is Published by Penguin Classics, London. Dracula is set in 1893, 4 years prior to the books published date of 1897, Bram S*****ker takes the reader from the journey of a young Solicitor named Jonathon Harker through to a series of individu*****l accounts that give the reader the understanding ***** how Victorian life and ***** classes were supposed to act.

***** has used a mix of narratives using the past tense in the form of Journals, diaries, personal letters and recordings collectively assembled by one ***** the characters during the book.

Apart from the main character of the ***** that is Dracula, who is actually absent ***** the novel for nearly three quarters of the narratives, there are several other key figures these are a ***** of people from the middle to higher classes of Victorian society; ***** are Jonathon Harker, Sir Arthur Holmwood (later Lord Godalming) Dr John (Jack) Seward. Quincey P Morris; *****rofessor Abraham Van Helsing. Lucy Westernra, and Wilhemina (Mina) Murray (*****). Other figures that represent a minor but important role within the book ***** Renfield ***** the three voluptuous creatures called women that Harker is exposed to upon his visit ***** Castle Dracula.

The Book Dracula has created many arguments of blood, power, sexual symbolism, political and even magical discussions. The main question ***** needs to be asked concerning the book ***** even the author is what Stoker had in mind when he created t***** masterpiece. After all t***** ***** itself is Stokers' Frankenstein monster, he ***** taken ***** ***** every aspect ***** his life that has *****en influential to him in some way. From the holidays in Cruden Bay and Whitby to the people in his life ***** became the characters of ***** book.

So Ok you have read ***** *****, seen the numerous movies ***** read countless (no pun intended) comics on the Lord of the Undead. Hey if you are sad enough you probably have a plethora ***** vamp films and books all with *****thing to do with big D *****self but not actually starring him.

The book opens with the travels of a young Solicitor by the name of Jonathon Harker.

Seen through his Journal, to administer and serve from a leg*****l perspective, the desires ***** an old man, *****racula, who has sought the services of ********** firm of *****s based in Exeter, England to purchase property in London.

Even before Harker reaches the desolate home ***** his client he comes face to face ***** the superstition of the region of Transylvania. As the ***** ***** the region he is travelling through learn of his ***** ***** Castle Dracula, in t***** Borgo Pass, *****heir fears and worries for ***** increase.

Through out Harker's stay at *****'s castle he becomes witness to the strange and macabre world of


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