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Dracula - Bram Stoker's Immortal Count, the Modern Anti-Hero and Fallen Angel of Romantic Dreams

*****, written by Bram (Abraham) Stoker in 1897, and was originally published by Archibald Constable ***** Company. The modern version is Publ*****hed by Penguin Classics, London. Dracula is set in 1893, 4 years prior to the books published date of 1897, Bram Stoker takes the reader from ***** journey of a young Solicitor named Jonathon Harker through to a series of individu*****l accounts that give the reader the understanding of how Victorian life and how classes were supposed to act.

S*****ker has used a mix of narratives using the past tense in ***** form of Journals, diaries, personal letters and recordings collectively assembled ***** one ***** the characters during the book.

Apart ***** the main character of the ***** that is *****, who is actually absent from the novel for nearly three quarters of the *****, there are several other key figures these are a ***** of people ***** the middle to higher cl*****sses of Victorian society; ***** are Jonathon Harker, Sir Arthur Holmwood (later Lord Godalming) Dr John (Jack) Seward. Quincey P Morris; Pr*****essor Abraham Van Helsing. Lucy Westernra, and Wilhemina (Mina) Murray (*****). Other figures that represent a minor but important role within the book are Renfield and the three voluptuous creatures called women that Harker is exposed to upon his visit to Castle Dracula.

The Book Dracula has created many arguments of blood, power, sexual symbolism, political and even magical discussions. The ***** question ***** needs to be asked concerning ***** book ***** even the author is what Stoker had in mind when he created this masterpiece. After all the ***** itself is Stokers' Frankenstein monster, he ***** taken from ***** every aspect ***** his ***** that has *****en influential to him in some way. From ***** holidays in Cruden Bay and Whitby to the people in his life ***** became the characters of ***** book.

So Ok you have read the *****, seen ***** numerous movies and read countless (no pun intended) comics on the Lord of ***** Undead. Hey if you are sad enough you probably have a plethora ***** vamp films ***** *****s all with *****thing ***** do ***** big D *****self but not actually starring him.

The book opens with the travels of a young ***** by the n*****me of Jonathon Harker.

Seen ***** his Journal, to administer and serve ***** a legal perspective, the desires ***** an old m*****, *****racula, who has sought the services of ********** firm of Solicitors based in Exeter, England to purchase property in London.

Even before Harker reaches the desolate home of his client he comes face ***** face ***** the superstition of the region of Transylvania. As the people ***** the region he is travelling through learn of his travels to Castle Dracula, in the Borgo Pass, *****ir fears and worries for ***** increase.

***** out Harker's stay at Dracula's castle he be***** witness ***** the strange and macabre world of


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