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Economic and political factors that led to the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe

Right after the Second World War, a new war had pervaded humanity with the gradual dominance and spread ***** Communism in ***** Eastern Europe and Asian regions. Proposed as Karl Marx's program for the creation of a socialist society in the modern period, Communism had ga*****ed inspiration for countries who tried to veer away from the influence ***** the Western world, and adopt a ***** society th*****t contradicts the principles of capitalism. Believing that indeed, ***** has an inevitable propensity ***** create stratification and marginalization to specific groups in the society, Eastern European nations formed ***** Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR or Soviet Union) in order ***** push through Marx's proposition that a *****, Communist society be est*****blished.

With its ********** Communism had ***** to include other ***** as well, particularly those in the Asian regions, such as Ch*****a ***** the nor*****rn parts of Korea and Vietnam, as well as Cambodia. With the proliferation of nations adopting the Communist social and politico-economic paradigm, Western nations, specifically Great Britain ***** United States, felt threatened that these ***** nations would oppose the prevalent status quo among most societies, which are all capitalist economic societies. What thus transpired was a Cold W*****r that *****d divisions among *****, wherein two factions were created: those ***** support the Communist Agenda, and those who support the Modernist Project, which portrayed capitalism as better, more liberal, and successful than Communism. Indeed, history illustrated that the Communist agenda to establish a soci*****list society did not succeed, and a few decades after the rise ***** Communism, it fell immediately, particularly ***** the Eastern European nations.

However, political and ***** ***** have contributed ***** ***** f***** of Communism. It is erroneous to claim that Communism fai***** because it is, in its entirety, a f*****ulty ***** ***** by Marx. These political and economic factors are significantly related to the US and Britain's ***** Project, ***** developed within the Marshall Aid Plan. The Marshall Plan was created to provide financial aid and ***** to Eastern European, as ***** as Asian, nations who have been crippled ***** ***** effects of World War II. Through the creation of organizations that provide financial and social support, ***** as the World Bank and United Nations, respectively, nations that need rehabilitation after World War II were given indirect financial ***** and political ***** from the ***** and Britain.

The Modern*****t ***** through the Marshall Plan was the political factor that led to the fall of ***** in Eastern Europe. With ***** European ***** enticed by the financial aid and political support that ***** US and ***** *****d, it became easier for them ***** weaken the hold of Communism. Furthermore, because ***** and a socialist economy were still in ***** *****fancy, the effects of a proletarian-led society did not bring out the expected results among these Communist nations. In effect, primarily due to the strong pol*****ical influence and economic power of the US


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