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Economic and political factors that led to the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe

Right after the Second World War, a new war had pervaded humanity with the gradual dominance ***** spread ***** Communism in the Eastern ***** and Asian regions. Proposed as Karl Marx's program for ***** creation of a socialist society in the modern period, Communism ***** ga*****ed inspiration for countries who tried to veer away from the influence of ***** Western world, and adopt a ***** society that contradicts the principles ***** capitalism. Believing that indeed, capitalism has an inevitable propensity ***** create stratification *****d marginalization to specific groups in the *****, Eastern European nations *****med ***** Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR or Soviet Union) in order ***** push through Marx's proposition ***** a soci*****list, Communist society be established.

With its inception Communism had ***** to include other nations as well, particularly those in the Asian regions, such as Ch*****a and the northern parts of Korea and Vietnam, as well as Cambodia. With the proliferation of nations adopting the Communist social and politico-economic paradigm, Western nations, specifically Great Britain ***** United States, felt threatened that these ***** nations would oppose the prevalent status quo among most societies, which are all capitalist economic societies. What thus transpired was a Cold ***** th*****t *****d divisions among nations, wherein two factions were created: those ***** support the Communist Agenda, and those who support the Modernist Project, ***** portrayed capitalism as *****tter, more liberal, and successful than Communism. Indeed, his*****ry illustrated that the Communist agenda to establish a socialist society did not succeed, and a few decades ***** the rise ***** Communism, it fell immediately, ***** ***** the Eastern European nations.

However, political and ***** ***** have contributed to ***** fall of Communism. It is erroneous to claim that Communism failed because it is, in its entirety, a faulty ***** created by Marx. These political ***** economic factors are significantly related to the US and Britain's ***** Project, which developed within the Marshall Aid Plan. The Marshall Plan was created ***** provide financial aid and ***** to Eastern European, as well ***** Asian, nations who have been crippled by ***** effects of World War II. Through the creation of organizations that ***** financial and social support, ***** as the World Bank and United Nations, respectively, ***** that need rehabilitation after ***** ***** II were given indirect financial aid and political ***** from the ***** and Britain.

The Modernist ***** through the Marshall ***** w***** the political factor that led to the fall of ***** in ***** Europe. With Eastern European nations enticed by the financial aid and ***** support ***** the US and Britain provided, it became easier for them to ********** the hold of Communism. Furthermore, because Communism and a socialist economy were still in its infancy, the effects of a prolet*****rian-led society did not bring out the expected results among these ***** nations. In effect, primarily due to the strong political influence and economic power of the *****


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