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***** Democratic Citizens

In American society, individuals are taught that their thoughts and opinions are valued. From this idea, democracy is born. Each individual has the right to have an opinion of any subject ***** to present h***** or her idea in a public *****rena. To determine the best-suited ***** f***** a group, a vote is conducted to ***** the most agreed upon conclusion. Since the majority o***** participants choose the conclusion, it is ***** one that will take precedence and is considered the fairest conclusion for the *****.

The Un*****ed States of America is built ***** democracy.

***** a citizen of the nation, it is mandatory ***** each individual to understand his or her role w*****hin such a society. ***** person ***** ***** variety of responsibilities to ad*****e to as a member of our democratic society. These ***** include respecting o*****rs, understanding the democratic system, questioning others' viewpoints in order to gain more knowledge, participating in public ballots, and teaching others the ways of democracy.

***** a future educator of American society, it is necessary to promote a ***** environment in which children c*****n, and feel comfortable, challenging o*****rs. Children who grow up in a democratically stimulated environment are more likely to become adults who favor such a system, challenge that ***** is not understood, stimulate others to be the best people that ********** can be, and possess the ability ***** critically analyze their *****.

***** Educators of Democratic Citizenship

Educators need to ***** certain dispositions in ***** to successfully contribute to fostering responsible democratic citizens. Children are like sponges; they soak up everything that is *****ed ***** them. When they are continuously confronted with an idea or action, it becomes even ***** innate. The key to preserving the idea within them ***** consistency.

Educat*****s need to, first of all, believe in the concept of democracy and the responsibilities of *****. One can***** truly teach a ***** that he or she is not convicted about. In addition, ********** ***** to possess c*****age and strength. Students will respect teachers who act strong, conv*****ced, and adamant in the classroom. Compassion for o*****rs needs also ***** be an integral trait ***** an educator, and it must ***** demonstrated to promote a concern for the welf*****re of the community, the nation, and ***** world.

***** order to ra*****e children who value democratic citizenship, it is necessary to teach them the values of our society. In addition to conveying ***** politics ***** democracy, *****s need to be demonstrative and consistent about all the responsibilities within, including fostering a democratic classroom, taking an ********** interest in the community, ***** finding time to volunteer ***** a cause.

How ***** Bring Democratic Citizenship into the Classroom

The third grade was a lesson. One of the *****, Mrs. Smith, ***** the poster child for how not to stimulate ***** citizenship. She was constantly in a bad mood and never listened ***** ***** *****ren's questions or comments. Rather, she chose to *****come upset with those who were brave


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