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A. The lesson has a cle*****r purpose which is transmitted during lesson presentation.

In the introduction to the film, the teacher clearly states her objectives for the lesson and explains the use of ***** pan balance as a *****ol to teach pre-algebra to fifth graders. The ***** balance offers a v*****ual, tactile method that students can use ***** supplement the equations in their texts. Equations that are generally represented with equal signs can now become visualized more in terms of ***** algebraic meaning: ***** balance between the two sides. Finally, ***** instructor emphasizes that the basis of the lesson is to underst***** the concept of *****ity or equivalence: which is central to ***** study ***** algebra.

*****. The lesson refers to background knowledge and inf*****mation from previous lessons.

In the video, the ***** does not refer directly to background knowledge from ***** lessons. However, it is app*****nt that the ***** are familiar w*****h fundamental knowledge that enables *****m to perform the algebraic *****. For example, the students must frequently subtract, add, multiply or divide ***** each side of the pan ***** to reach the c*****rect answer to the problem. The teacher works with the ***** as if they already have a firm grasp of basic mathematical principles as well as the overall concept of what an equation is.

C. The lesson has a clear delivery method(s) (e.g., direct instruction, indirect *****, cooperative learning, inquiry, self-directed learning).

***** greatest strength of the teacher's lesson ***** is ***** variety of teaching methods she uses. Direct instruction enables her ***** direct the entire class's attention to the board when she is explaining core ********** or going over spec*****ic *****s. The indirect instructional methods she uses includes subtle hints as ***** as inquiry. Inquiries ***** directed at individual students or to the class as a whole ***** the opportunity for any student ***** volunteer the answer. The method ***** teacher uses encourages ***** to discover the answers for themselves r*****her than accept the right answer as a m*****tter of rote learning. finally, the class is ***** divided into groups, both small and large. The ***** vary to encourage maximum student interactions. Through cooperative ***** ***** students share their suggestions and brains*****rm. Finally, the teacher employs some self-directed learning strategies that allow students to ponder the *****s on their own for brief periods ***** time. This helps the teacher make assessments during class while it also helps the students work independently.

D. The less***** *****resses a ***** of learning styles and intelligences.

Another major ***** of this ********** is the way it addresses a variety ***** learning styles and intelligences. Algebra is trad*****ionally taught using the abstract method; students must visualize the concept of alphabetical variables. The notation used in traditional algebraic equations might work for students whose l*****ear or ma*****matical thinking is strong. However, students ***** in visual ***** or tactile learn*****g will benefit more from a lesson like this one. Furthermore, the current lesson ***** a signific*****nt amount of verbal communications, so


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