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Education - Statement

LEARNING*****CENTERED EDUCATION PERSPECTIVE As a faculty member, I would try to incorporate learning-centered college concepts into my classroom as much as possible and in particularly in any manner that facilitated student motivation directly. Toward that end, I would encourage students, including first semester freshmen, to consider every elective course ***** an opportunity to prepare them for their future. In that regard, I would counsel students to consider the relev*****ce of ***** course with respect to anticipated career goals; in the case of students with little idea of the ultimate direction ***** their goals, I would suggest that they view every academic course as an opportunity to consider potential are***** of related interest. ***** principle, I would caution against selecting courses without at least some very general idea of what relevance or potential relevance it may have with respect to future professional or advanced educational *****.

Ideally, I hope to have the ***** to incorporate elements of Gardner's Multiple Intelligence approach by introducing my students to ***** concept of acquiring relevant knowledge through a bro*****der means of information transmission than the traditional passive learning in the lecture-based model. While primary and secondary school are the optimal settings for the fullest incorporation of ***** principles, college students can be encouraged to explore different types ***** media to help identify their greatest strengths. All *****o often, ***** never have ***** opportunity to consider the possibility ***** alternate modes of instruction might increase their retention. For example, I would encourage students ***** propose alternate sources of comparable subject matter as a me*****ns of identifying untapped learning strengths. In some *****s, ***** would have the first opportunity to explore the potential of suspected alternate modes of ***** with potential ***** *****m.

*****, I would consider allowing students ***** ***** a legitim*****te video-based documentary on a topic ordinarily presented through traditi*****al textbook and lecture presentation about Cold War geopolitics could substitute a qualifying video documentary in preparation for objective tests. Other students ***** wish to explore the prospect of learning ***** same material from audio tapes where such material exists.

***** ***** opinion, the *****nefits of such an approach within the learning-centered environment is twofold: (1) it stimulates exploration capable of revealing greater academic potential than achievable for particular students through the more lim*****ed traditional approach, and (2) it could conceivably help students whose mediocre academic performance belies their raw intelligence, as measured ***** diagnostic intelligence testing. In my humble *****, the near-exclusive focus ***** ***** education on textbook-based learning allows a substantial number of students with considerable intellectual potential ***** fall through the proverbial cracks ***** the modern educational system. In many cases, students fail to reach ***** academic potential by virtue of their greater relative ability ***** learn ***** ***** modes of instruction ***** elements of practical experience.

*****, I ***** my most important function as an educator to be the encouragement of my ***** to discover *****ir ***** learning mechanism, especially to the extent aspects ***** it lie outside the


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