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***** Urban/Inner City Regular Education Students

Benefit from Transition Services/Programs?


Context of Research wide variety of thoughtful and useful programs exist within today's educational system. Individual fields, such as Special *****, feature approaches and ideas that appear uniquely tailored to students' special needs. Techniques and policies are designed ***** work with pupils at their own level. Educators are provided with the means and materials to help young people reach ***** best and fullest potential regardless of any perceived external or internal limitations. One program does not suit all, but interestingly, many programs may possess a wider appeal than is readily apparent. Programs such as those that are geared to special education students might, in reality, be applicable across a broader spectrum of young men ***** women. The skills required to teach ***** with special developmental and cognitive needs might, indeed, ***** applicable to students with other difficulties ***** requirements. One such approach is ***** of ***** Services and Programs. Though gener*****y considered to belong to the field of special education, transition services ***** programs offer an abund*****ce of possibilities f***** those with o*****r needs and concerns. Transition programs and services can potentially be o***** great help to economically disadvantaged individuals growing up in the nation's inner cities. America is filled ***** blighted neighborhoods that are home to youth who have, seemingly, been witness to every bad thing in life. Many of ********** young people possess negative attitudes, or simply feel without hope; powerless to change ***** rise above their circumstances. Transition ***** and services can be modified to aid these very boys and girls; men and women. It will be the aim of the forego*****g study ***** discover how transition programs might be of assistance to ***** in ***** situations. The researcher will ***** *****se ***** and suggest possibilities for modifying these programs and ***** ***** suit their *****, ***** hopefully put an end to the cycle ***** failure and despair. Adaptation and attention to new possibilities can be ***** way forward.

Statement of the Problem

The study ***** the effects of ***** services and programs on non-***** Education ***** requires first a look at ***** goals ***** those *****es in relation to the original target population. In serving special ***** *****, transition programs and ***** and programs are meant to accomplish specific **********, namely ***** assisting of students in atta*****ing a level ***** true self-awareness so ***** they are enabled ultimately to help themselves by setting ***** own short-term and long-term goals. (Kohler & Field, 2003) Social skills, academic experience, job search, and *****-related skills all help students with disabilities to achieve their life goals. (***** & *****, 2003) Each is a step on the road to self-d*****covery, a building block in the construction of a firm edifice on which ***** c*****struct one's life. Each and every one ***** the ***** named serves both to direct the search for identity and to assist in the actual fashioning of that identity. As an example, a student who hopes


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