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Can Urban/Inner City Regular Education Students

Benefit from Transition Services/Programs?


Context of Research wide variety of thoughtful and useful programs exist within today's educational system. Individual fields, such as Special Education, feature approaches and ideas that appear uniquely tailored to students' special needs. Techniques ***** policies are designed ***** work with pupils at their own level. Educators are provided with the means and materials to help young people reach ***** best and fullest potential regardless of any perceived external or internal limitations. One program does not suit all, but interestingly, many programs may possess a wider appeal than is readily app*****nt. Programs ***** as those that are geared to special education students might, in reality, be applicable across a broader spectrum of young men and wo*****. The skills required to teach students with ***** developmental and cognitive needs might, indeed, ***** applicable ***** ***** with other difficulties ***** requirements. One such approach is ***** ***** ***** Services and *****. Though gener*****y considered to belong to the field of special education, transition services and ***** *****fer an abund*****ce of possibilities f***** those with ***** ***** and concerns. Transition programs and ***** can ********** be ***** great help to economically disadvantaged individuals growing up in ***** nation's inner cities. America is ********** ***** blighted neighborhoods that are home to youth who have, seemingly, been witness to every bad thing in life. Many of these young ***** possess negative attitudes, or simply feel without hope; powerless to change or rise above their circumstances. Transition ***** and services can be modified ***** aid ***** very boys and girls; men and *****men. It will ***** the aim of the foregoing study to discover how transition programs might be of *****sistance to people in *****se situations. The researcher will study these ********** and suggest possibilities for modifying these programs and ***** to suit their needs, and hopefully put an end ***** the cycle ***** failure and despair. Adaptation ***** attention to new possibilities can be ***** way **********.

Statement of the Problem

The ***** of the effects of transition services and programs on non-***** Education ***** requires first a look at the goals of those ********** in relation to the original target population. In serving special ***** students, transition programs and ***** and programs are meant to accomplish specific ends, namely ***** assisting ***** ***** in attaining a ***** of true self-*****wareness so that they are enabled ultimately to help themselves by setting their own short-term and long-term goals. (Kohler & Field, 2003) Social skills, academic experience, job search, and work-related skills all ***** students with disabilities to achieve their life goals. (***** & Field, 2003) Each is a step on the road to self-*****y, a building block in the construction of a firm edifice on which to c*****struct one's life. Each ***** every one of ***** skills named serves both ***** direct the search for identity and to ass*****t in ***** actual fashioning of that identity. As an example, a student who hopes


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