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***** therapy is becoming increasingly acknowledged to have an impact on various c*****ditions known to m*****kind. For example, light therapy is increasingly being used in ass*****t*****g shift workers who have difficulty sleeping to reestablish their circadian rhythm following shift work and swing shift work. Light therapy has been used ***** shown effective in treat*****g what is commonly known as the 'winter blues' or depression that is related to cold weather and reduced natural ***** in the environment. This study exam*****es light therapy in relation to the impact ***** this therapy has on the individual memory recall.


Because ***** *****rapy is so very effective in treatment of such a wide r*****nge of diseases ***** conditions, light also must play a role ***** the individuals' memory recall therefore, brighter light will result in better ***** recall among a group of individu*****ls as compared to a group ***** individuals ***** are recalling events from memory in darkened or muted *****.


The methodology in the ***** reported in this work is of a qu*****litative study conducted with ***** experimental and control *****. Qualitative analys***** is utilized in ***** particular ***** because the data provided by participants ***** descriptive in nature and *****, the method of analysis in this study is *****terpretative in nature.

The forty participants in this study were split *****to two groups for the purposes ***** this experiment. The first group went outside for approximately twenty minutes ***** the second group remained inside a darkened cl*****sroom. ***** participants in each ***** were asked to write about a childhood *****. The participants writ*****gs concerning their memory were reviewed by the researcher and an assistant ***** ***** responses to the subject the ***** were ***** about were analyzed according to the details provided as ***** participants described their memory from childhood and ***** to the adjectives or descriptive words used which included that concerning:

1) color;

2) smell;

3) texture;

4) temperature; and 5) feelings.


There were 40 participants in ***** study all of whom were of ***** age eighteen years or older.

***** REVIEW

The w*****k of Bersani, et al (2008) entitled: "Pilot Study Of ***** Therapy And Neurocognitive Performance of Attention And Memory in Healthy Subjects" relates a study with the purpose of *****vestigating wh*****her light therapy improved healthy subjects' neurocognitive performance of attention, memory, ***** language." (Bersani, et al, 2008) This study reports that ten subjects ***** treated with bright light for five days and a ***** group of ten ***** received no treatment. Assessment was conducted with a "b*****ttery of neurocognitive tests which included the following:

Strooper Colour Word Interference Test

***** Verbal Fluency Test;

The Story Recall Test; and The Words Pairs Recall Test." (*****, et al, 2008)

***** in this study showed "improvements in cognitive scores ***** both groups, although on all the cognitive tests the mean difference ***** between baseline and endpoint were significantly larger in ***** light-treated group. These preliminary *****s suggest


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