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Effective treatment for back pain by Master Tung's Acupuncture - Proposal and


Back pain is one of the most common afflictions facing mankind today. Indeed, most people experience some type ***** back pain during their lifetimes, with many ***** suffering all their lives for want of a cure. While Western he*****lthcare practitioners will seek to treat such conditions by *****olating the cause and using powerful pharmacological applications, practitioners of complementary and alternative medicines (CAM) such as acupuncture will attempt to treat the entire person in a fashion that promotes holistic heal*****g and health. Acupuncture is a system ***** healing that is thousands of years old and which ***** still used and taught in China ***** a growing number of countries around the world. In fact, ***** is now widely practiced in the United States and Europe, and while it has not yet entered the medical ma*****stream ***** clinics, hosp*****als, and insurance plans, the method has have helped hundreds of thousands of Western pain sufferers to date. The purpose of ***** proposed study ***** to investigate how the acupuncture techniques developed by Master Tung can be used in general for health ma*****tenance, ***** a specific focus on how these ***** c*****n ***** used to *****eviate back pain to provide a best pr*****ctices guide ***** both allopathic clinicians and their CAM counterparts alike. To this end, a critic*****l review ***** the literature, a series of case studies ***** illustrative vignettes are presented to provide a his*****ry of *****cupuncture, its typical ***** and methods, and how the techniques developed ***** Master Tung have been refined and improved by his followers over the years. A summary ***** the research, salient findings ***** recommendations will be presented in the concluding chapter.


Statement of the Problem

Purpose of Study

Importance of Study

Rationale of Study

Overview ***** Study

Preliminary Review of Related Literature


Description of the ***** Approach

Data*****gathering Method and Database ***** Study

Proposal for Developing Effective Treatments for Back Pain by using Master ***** Acupuncture


***** is now ***** practiced in the ***** States and Europe, although it ***** not yet ***** the ***** mainstream of clinics, hospitals, and ***** plans. It has already helped hundreds ***** thousands of Western pain sufferers (Cargill, 1994). ***** and Eastern medicine have different *****es. A conventional Western doctor practicing ***** ***** views the human body through ***** lens of disease theory and records symptoms according to a rigidly defined set ***** c*****tegories. Allopathic clinicians seek to isolate the disease and control it ***** destroying the agents that cause it, and ********** ***** typically invade the ***** by e*****her cutting into it or by introducing ***** chemicals into ***** (Cargill, 1994). By sharp contrast, clinicians trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) consider ***** same patient in a more holistic manner, regarding all of his or her body **********, mental states, and lifestyle. These alternative medicine practitioners ***** ask about the patient's environment and ***** or ***** relationship to it. In making a diagnosis, alternative


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