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The objective of this work is to write a rese*****rch proposal relating to the effects ***** media on culture.


***** effect of media on ***** is well documented in the literature reviewed in this research proposal. Media in advertis*****g affects purchases, choices ***** styles in clothing, ***** in music and in fact ***** a plethora of areas within a culture including the commissi***** ***** violent crimes.


Questions that ***** research intends to seek ***** answer to are the questions as follows:

***** you allow violence in the video-games or television view*****g of your household?

Have you or any family member committed a violent crime?

Who m*****kes the media viewing decisions in *****r household?

Are you swayed by the wishes of other household members and if so what are their ages?


***** proposed methodology ***** this study is one of a qualitative nature through use of the ***** instruments a pre-formed survey/questionnaire ***** be given in a semi-structured *****terview.


***** proposed timeline for ***** survey is a period ***** six weeks during which r*****omly selected ********** will ***** interviewed.


After having reviewed the literature in the following Annotated Bibliography it is the opinion of th***** researcher that a better understanding of the influence ***** ***** on the culture can be understood through ***** proposed research ***** stated. Further this brief study concludes that media affects on culture ***** both positive and negative.

Annotated Bibliography

1. Pope, V. (2002) What Do We Mean by 'Mass Media' ***** 'Modern Culture' Online available at

Stated in this ***** is that in the ***** of media also studied ***** "how we define out own sense of who and what we are..." Stated as *****ll is that "Since the mid 19th century, we have come to live not only in a situated *****, but in a culture ***** mediation. The press, film and c*****ema, television and radio and more recently the Internet, have developed to supply larger scale means of public communication." This work states ***** ********** are there major areas of concern which are those of: (1) Mass media has a political and a persu*****sive po*****r over us. Radio, T*****, the ***** and film ***** manipulate whole societies. Political propaganda, advertising and the so-called 'mind-bending' power ***** the media are long-standing ca*****es of debate and ********** (2) Since ***** ***** century ***** has been a mistrust of so-called 'popular **********, which is thought to debase or degrade cultural traditions and st*****ards. *****he ongoing ***** about the future of public service broadcasting in Brita***** in the 1990's is an example ***** this. ***** exactly is 'quality' *****d cultural value in broadcast output? (3) The most contentious *****sue concerns the effects of ***** mass media on social behavi*****, in particular violence and delinquency. The media have regularly ***** accused ***** 'causing' outbreaks of unrest in society."

2. Computer Games - Violence ***** Media Effects Theory (2006) Encyclopedia of New Media


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