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The objective of this work is to write a rese*****rch proposal relating ***** the effects of media on culture.


The effect of ***** on ***** is well documented in the literature reviewed in this research proposal. Media in advertising affects purchases, choices ***** styles in clothing, ***** in music and ***** fact affects a plethor***** of areas within a culture including ***** commission ***** violent crimes.


Questions that ***** research intends to seek the answer ***** are the questions as follows:

Do you allow violence in ***** video-games or television viewing of your household?

Have you or any family member committed a violent crime?

Who makes the media viewing decisions in *****r *****?

Are you swayed by the wishes ***** o*****r household members and if so what are their ages?


The proposed methodology of this study is one of a qualitative nature through use of the research instruments a pre-formed survey/questionnaire to be given in a semi-structured *****terview.


***** proposed timeline for this survey is a period ***** six weeks during which r*****omly selected *****s will be interviewed.


After having reviewed the literature in ***** following Annotated Bibliography it is the opinion of th***** researcher *****at a better understanding of the influence ***** ***** on the ***** can be understood ***** the proposed research as stated. Fur*****r this brief study concludes that media affects on culture ***** both positive and negative.

Annotated Bibliography

*****. Pope, V. (2002) What Do We Mean by 'Mass Media' and 'Modern Culture' Online available at

Stated in ***** work is ***** in the study of media also studied is "how we define out own sense of who and what we are..." Stated as well is that "Since the mid 19th century, we have come to live not only in a situ*****ted culture, but in a culture of **********. The press, film ***** c*****ema, ***** and radio and more recently the Internet, have developed to supply larger scale means of public communication." This work states ***** there are there major areas of concern which are those of: (1) Mass media has a political and a persuasive po*****r over us. Radio, TV, the ***** and film ***** manipulate whole societies. Political propaganda, advertising and the so-called 'mind-bending' power of the media are long-st*****ing causes of debate and *****; (2) Since the ***** century ***** has been a mistrust of ***** 'popular culture', which is thought ***** debase or degrade cultural traditions and standards. The ongoing ***** about the future of public service broadcasting in Britain in the 1990's ***** an example of this. What exactly is 'quality' ********** ***** value ***** broadcast output? (3) ***** most contentious issue concerns the ***** ***** the mass media on social behavi*****, in particular violence and delinquency. The media ***** regularly been accused of 'causing' outbreaks ***** unrest in society."

2. Computer Games - Violence - Media Effects *****ory (2006) Encyclopedia of New Media


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