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Effects of Sudden, Traumatic Death ***** a Family Member on Other ***** Members

Benasutti looks at the effects of sudden, traumatic death of a family member on the rest of ***** family, noting that under these circumstances the process ***** grief and bereavement is more complicated. She looks at the factors ***** make such an experience more difficult to cope with than the ***** of a loved one under less trying circumstances.

She notes that when a loved one dies in a sudden ***** traumatic way, the family ***** left in shock and chaos, and that ***** deaths present therapeutic difficulties. Because of the ***** surrounding ***** death, she calls the ***** *****s "co-victims." Although those who have *****d the loss realize that o*****rs ***** suffered losses too, the circumstances of their loss sets ***** experiences somewhat apart from grief friends may have experienced. This can leave surviving families feeling quite alone. The authors give examples, such as the widow of a minister who told his wife he w***** going to t***** p*****rk, but ***** instead jumped off a bridge to ***** death. She gives specific ***** of the kind of extra obstacles such people have to overcome as they learn to come ***** grips with their ***** and loss under complex *****.

***** notes that losing a ***** one under such circumst*****nces ***** be ***** by the beliefs others ***** hold. For instance, friends may think that after a certain period of time a person should be "done grieving," but ***** sudden and traumatic loss takes longer to come to grips *****.

***** emphasizes that grief is not a short, specific event, but ***** process with stages and something loved ones must work through. The *****st conclusion for grief ***** to remember the lost loved one, ***** cope with the changes brought the family by his or her lost, and to find new ways ***** lead a fulfilling life after ***** *****.

***** ***** at steps medical doctors might take to help prevent suicide. The author notes ***** suicide is a m*****jor health issue in the United States, and that while 30,000 thousand successfully complete ***** every year in this country, another 650,000 people attempt it. Suicide is a serious public ***** issue. Bec*****use of this, the Surgeon General, David Satcher has spoken out about ***** importance of identifying ***** at risk of suicide so effective interventions can be used, emphasizing th***** early detection is important.

Imperio notes that while research has *****en done on ***** those

With suicidal tendencies, ***** ***** has been done regarding what are the most effective treatment regimes ***** ***** people. Because of th*****, psychiatrists and *****rapists don't really know which therapies are most effective, or under ***** circumstances and with whom they should be used. Until there is m*****e empirical evidence, Imperio suggests ***** therapists and psychiatrists look closely at what they're doing with each patient or client to assess how well it is working.

The author notes that so***** headway has been


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