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Effects of Sudden, Traumatic Death of a Family Member on Other Family Members

Benasutti looks at the effects ***** sudden, traum*****ic death of a family member ***** the rest of the family, noting that under these circumstances the process ***** grief and bereavement is more complicated. She looks at ***** factors that make such an experience more difficult to cope with than the death of a loved one under less trying circumst*****nces.

She notes that when a loved ***** dies in a sudden and traumatic way, the family is left in shock ***** chaos, and that such deaths present therapeutic difficulties. Because of the circumstances surrounding ***** death, she calls the ***** *****s "co-victims." Although those who have *****d the loss realize ***** others have suffered losses too, the circumstances of their loss sets their experiences somewhat apart from grief friends may have experienced. This can leave surviving families feeling quite alone. The authors give examples, such as the widow of a minister who told his wife he was going to the park, but who instead jumped off a bridge to ***** *****. She gives specific examples of ***** kind ***** extra obstacles such people have to overcome as they learn to come to grips with their grief and loss under complex *****.

***** notes that losing a loved one under such circumst*****nces can be complicated by the beliefs others may hold. For instance, friends may think ***** after a cert*****in period of time a person should be "d***** grieving," ***** that sudden and traumatic ***** takes longer to come to grips with.

***** emphasizes that ***** is not a short, specific event, but ***** process with stages ***** something loved ones must work through. The best conclusion for grief is to remember the lost loved one, ***** cope with the changes brought the family by his or her lost, and to find new ways to lead a fulfilling life after the loss.

***** ***** at steps medical doctors might take to help prevent suicide. ***** author notes ***** suicide is a m*****jor health issue in the United States, and that while 30,000 thousand successfully complete ***** every year ***** this country, another 650,000 people attempt it. Suicide is a serious public ***** issue. Bec*****use of this, the Surgeon General, David Satcher has spoken out about the importance ***** identifying those at risk of suicide so effective interventions can be used, emphasizing th***** early detection is important.

***** notes that ***** research has been done on ***** those

With suicidal tendencies, ***** work has been done regarding what are the most effective treatment regimes ***** ***** people. Because of th*****, psychiatrists and *****erapists don't really know which therapies are most *****, or under what circumstances and with whom they should be used. Until there is more empirical evidence, Imperio suggests that therapists and psychiatrists look closely at what they're doing with each patient or client to assess how well it is working.

The author notes that *****me headway has been


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