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Effects of Viewing Violence in the Media on Children's Behavior


This study will focus on the relati*****ship between viewing violence in the media and children's behavior. Specifically, this study ***** address the context ***** which violent images are portrayed and how those ***** affect long term behavioral development in children. My hypothesis is that ***** behavior is *****fluenced not only by the amount of violence they view regularly, but also by the context in which they ***** violent behavior. Secondarily, I hypothesize that viewing ***** affects children in a negative manner.

***** feel that currently the media lacks sensitivity of approach and portrays overly violent images that ***** readily have access to. This study is unique in that I predict specifically that violence ***** ***** an "acceptable" *****, meaning that the victim does not exhibit pain or ***** perpetrator ***** not punished, is ***** far more damaging than any other violence portrayed. By far the biggest perpetrator of ***** portrayal in the ***** ***** television. Children are most likely to be influenced at a younger age by what they see on ***** and in the media. Part of ********** developmental process involves taking in their envir*****ment ***** shaping their values, beliefs and morals on the things ***** see in every day life.

***** children ***** more ***** than adults to be influenced ***** violent images they see on television because they learn from visual cues and repetition. They will have a more difficult time sep*****rating fact from fiction, and may draw conclusions that violence and aggression are acceptable forms of behavior without dire consequence, based on what they ***** in the media.

Many ***** programs and o*****r media venues such as cinema and radio often portray violence in an acceptable, if not positive light. Children by nature learn ***** imitation, exposure ***** experience. ***** who see their favorite action heroes committing acts of ***** ********** aggression in the media are more likely to act out on ***** own violent and aggressive impulses. Children also have less ability ***** control their impulses.


This dissertation will focus on two central questions: First, does the context in ***** violence is portrayed in the media affect children? Studies indicate that children are more likely to be influenced by ***** they see in the media than ***** (BBG, 1997). The second question will focus on whether violence in the media has a long term negative impact on *****. *****, this study will exam*****e violence in the ***** and its effects on elementary aged school children ***** adolescents. I intend ***** explore in detail spec*****ically ***** effects that television violence has on children's tendencies to demonstrate ***** and aggressive behaviors.

***** Hypothesis: There is no statistical evidence that proves that the context in which violence is portrayed in ***** media affects ***** behavior in the short ***** or long term.

***** Hypo*****sis: There is statistical evidence that indicates ***** the context in which violence is portrayed in the media affects children. Violence *****


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