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Effects of Viewing Violence in the Media on Children's Behavior


***** study will focus ***** ***** relationship between viewing violence in the media and children's behavior. Specifically, this study will address the context ***** which violent images are portrayed and how those images affect long term behavioral development in children. My hypothesis is that ***** behavior ***** influenced not only by the amount of violence they view regularly, but also by the ***** in ***** they ***** violent behavior. Secondarily, I hypothesize that ***** ***** affects children in a negative manner.

I feel that currently the ***** lacks sensitivity of approach and portrays overly violent ***** that children readily have access to. This ***** is unique in that I predict specifically that violence ***** ***** an "acceptable" context, meaning that the victim does not exhibit pain or ***** perpetrator is not punished, is by far more damaging than any other violence portrayed. By far the biggest ***** of ***** portrayal in the media ***** television. Children are most likely to be *****fluenced at a younger age by what they see on television and in the *****. Part of *****ir developmental process involves taking in their environment and shaping ***** values, ********** ***** morals on the things they see in every day life.

***** children ***** more likely than adults to be influenced ***** ***** images ***** see on television because they learn from visual cues and repetition. They will have a more difficult time separating fact from fiction, and may draw conclusions that violence and aggression are ***** forms of ***** without dire consequence, based on what ***** ***** in the media.

M***** television programs ***** other media venues such as cinema and radio often portray violence in an acceptable, if not positive light. Children by nature learn from imitation, exposure and experience. Children who see their favorite action heroes committing acts of ***** and aggression in the media ***** more ***** to act out on ***** own violent ***** aggressive impulses. Children also have less ability ***** control their impulses.


This dissertation will focus on two central questions: First, does the context ***** which violence is portrayed in the media affect children? Studies *****dicate that children are more likely to be influenced by ***** they see in the media than ***** (BBG, 1997). The second question will focus on whe*****r violence in the media has a long term negative impact on children. Specifically, th***** study will exam*****e violence in ********** media and its effects on elementary aged school ***** ***** adolescents. I intend ***** explore in detail ***** the ***** that television violence has on children's tendencies to demonstrate violent and ***** behaviors.

***** Hypothesis: There is no statistical evidence that proves that the context in ***** violence is portrayed ***** ***** media affects children's behavior in the short ***** or long term.

Alternative Hypothesis: There is statistical evidence that indicates ***** the context in which ***** is ***** in the media affects children. ***** in


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