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Egan Model

Counseling and the Egan Model: A Case Study

Part A While I apply many of the techniques and tools which are common to the ***** model, I believe that my approach to counseling is somewhat of an eclectic mix of several different styles, applied as ***** necessary ***** the client that I am meeting at the time. I do not believe that *****re is one-size-fits all approach to counseling and ***** it is possible to apply the tenants ***** any one counseling program to every patient. This class has shown me that there is another very good ********** for me in ***** ***** toolbox and that ***** the Egan *****. ***** believe ***** my model of counseling is based upon several ***** schools ***** thought.

********** previously stated, I plan to use the Egan model, especially in that ***** who has relatively good insight and needs so***** help finding their way in solv*****g ***** problems and finding new opportunities for themselves. Th***** is directly in line with Egan's basic theories as noted in "The Skilled Helper." I find ***** Egan is very helpful, ***** in those clients ***** have lost sight of clear goals in their lives, since the ***** model bases many of its tools on the empowerment of ***** individual. This model will also be ***** helpful in the times ***** which I am helping the client make difficult decisions, such as moving on from a difficult or unfruitful relationship ***** changing a job. I will use this tool in order to help people discover what is important ***** *****m in ***** lives, making sure that I am leading them ***** not telling them. I think the Egan ***** is particularly helpful in clients who are still in the early stages ***** personality development, especially younger *****. The Egan model helps the patient work on th*****gs ***** ***** in the very recent p*****t or in the present. It ***** ***** a tool f***** someone in great trauma, but instead gives the ***** psychologically intact client a map to move toward ***** goals. I like the fact that it has been stated that the Egan ***** and the mentoring role are not synonymous, ***** rather the ***** model can be used in many different s*****uations, some of ***** have nothing to do with ***** at all. Again, I realize ***** the Egan model is generally ***** most effective when I comply ***** the core values ***** addressing ***** client with respect, empathy and of course very active listening.

***** Egan model is not the only tool that I use in ***** counseling practice. As the Hutchens model itself describes, *****re is no one single style of counseling that is enough ***** the therapist is assisting the wide range of ***** which we may expect to see in our every day practices. Hutchens' "thinking-feeling-acting" ***** is a*****her good tool which I can use in my practice. I agree with Hutchens in that not ***** is therapy a corrective


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