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Hazard Potential Grid


Proba- bility

Predic- ta*****

Fre- quen- cy

***** of Onset

Control- lability

Op- tions

Scope and

Inten- sity

Sources for

Assis- tance

Com- munity

Vulnera- bility





Terrorist attack

Act of war



***** risk within ten years =1; highest risk = 5


Earthquake: St. Louis is about 200 miles from the New Madrid Fault, but because of the geology of the region, shock waves travel a very long distance with considerable force. A major ***** Madrid ***** earthquake could destroy many vulnerable buildings, do major damage to others, buckle highways and collapse overpasses and possibly bridges. Although the fault has not triggered a major ***** in modern times, in 1809 and 1810 it ***** two earthquakes about six weeks apart that were both probably around 8.0 on the Richter scale. The ***** avoided ***** damage and loss ***** life only ***** the area was barely populated. Earthquakes rate highest on ***** chart because they can do major, devastating damage with no warning, ***** because the area is inadequately prepared for an earthquake.

Flood: St. Louis is located at the c*****fluence of the M*****souri and Mississippi Rivers. Both rivers have significant tributaries in ***** region. The last major regional flood ***** in 1993. It did major damage, made whole towns uninhabitable, destroyed millions of acres of farm crops, isol*****ed small communities, and disrupted railroads. However, there was little loss of life, and major support services such as fire, police and medical care, remained functional and ***** not overwhelmed by events.

***** Attacks: St. Louis ***** a ***** public attraction, which is also a national park - the St. Louis Arch. It also has a major international airport that serves as the hub ***** American Airlines.

Act of War: Although the United States is at war ***** terrorist organiza***** ***** may soon be at war with Iraq, the military installations in St. Louis and ***** immediate ***** are small. However, Fort Leonard Wood is not far from St. Lou*****, ***** is a ***** tr*****ining base. If Ft. Leonard Wood were *****ed as a military target, it would put severe strain on *****. Louis public services since ***** is the nearest large city and a good source for fire fighters, *****, and emergency ***** care.

Tornado: Tornadoes are common in the St. Louis area. Recent incidents have involved small tornadoes that affected relatively ***** areas and did not cause extended or major damage. However, St. Louis is located on ***** plains, and weather systems often meet in the regi*****. The possi***** always ex*****ts of a m*****jor tornado strik*****g the greater St. Louis area.

Blizzard: *****. Louis occasionally receives heavy snowfall. One snowfall in ***** 19*****'s dropped two feet of snow ***** about 30 hours, paralyzing the metropolitan ***** for a week. The area has the capability to deal effectively ***** small and mode***** amounts of snow, but the very heavy snowfalls ***** occur about e***** 10 y*****ars paralyze the *****on and


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