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Employee Motivation Study Proposal


Axis manufacturing is a 5000 employee facility that specializes in the manufacture of aircraft components for the US military. Recently, orders have increased to the point where management ***** hard-pressed to meet production quotas. They must find a way to motivate employees to meet new production expectations. To compound problems, there has been a rash ***** low morale among line workers that has also affected the quality of parts produced. This proposal outlines research to determine which of three ***** proposed pay and incentive plans will boost morale ***** production so that the company can meet expectations.


Problem and Purpose of the Proposed Study

Axis Manufacturing is a 5000 employee sub-contrac*****r that produces aircraft components for the US Military. Recently, Axis supervisors have noticed a considerable drop in employee motivation ***** line staff. The factory is a 24 X 7 operation with ***** working shifts. The standard ***** day is 8 hours. Due to the War on Terrorism, production demands have ***** and ***** must meet much higher quotas then before the war began.

The ***** X 7 model works from a fin*****ncial standpoint, as it reduces ***** need for overtime, but the workers must now move at a faster pace to produce more during their shift. ***** has been good in terms of revenue, ***** ***** has taken a *****ll on the employees. The mean age of the employees is 35 years. ***** have ***** ***** the company for 7 years. This transl*****es into a group ***** ***** ***** are experienced and efficient with ***** jobs.

*****, the turnover rate has doubled in past six m*****ths. In experienced ***** have been blamed for *****creases in rejected parts by QC. This ***** had the net effect of decreas*****g total production. If this scenario continues, it could place ***** government contract in jeopardy. If ***** happens, it could have devastating effects on the ability to continue operations. Human resources must work with management ***** find a way to motivate employees and reduce ***** rates.

This has failed to ***** employees to ***** ***** production levels needed to fulfill the demands of the new *****. This study will explore three different pay scenarios to determine which would be the most effect in motivating employees ***** the needed production levels. The purpose ***** this study ***** be to determine ***** pay scenario should ***** implemented in order to achieve company goals.

Hypothesis and Research Questions

There are many sources of motivation ***** *****. Worker morale has a direct correlation with productivity and profitability (Cowling, Mitchell, & Watts, 2006). There are many factors that influence employee motivation, some of them are extrinsic to the work place, such as family problems. However, ***** are ***** that ***** be controlled such as pay scale, providing a ple**********nt work environment, and incentives (Neff, 2002). The hypo*****sis for this research project stems from the connection between pay, financial stability and reduced stress. Financial problems were found to be a contributing factor in


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