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Entrepreneurial Advantage

Starting one's own business or working for somebody else, notably a large organization with financial and personal benefits, is a dilemm***** many of us face throughout one's ***** life. This paper will aim to objectively analyze some of the advantages and disadvantages that a working individu*****l faces in each case. The concl*****ion may show that be*****g an entrepreneur holds an extra asset as compared to working for someone else *****d that starting a business is a person*****lly and financially rewarding venture.

***** first important advantage ***** entrepreneurship we should mention (and the order has nothing to do ***** the relevance of each argument) is the fact that being one's boss ***** also equivalent with designing your own life and schedule around the activity that you have set our to perform. This means that you may decide that this Wednesday ***** ***** take off and spend in a library for documentation or that a certa***** day of ***** ********** will be spend team building in a pub. You are the boss and you make the rules. These ***** your rules and the only responsibility you carry is towards ***** employees ***** towards yourself as a person ********** as a bus*****ess person.

Deriving from this, we m*****y draw out the relevancy ***** following one's dream and passion ***** putting a lot of hard work into achieving it. No matter what people may say, ***** with passion is ********** something ***** is more important than ***** ********** skills or aptitudes. Your own business will ***** like your own car or a person*****l object you care about: you will be careful not to break it and you will protect it against any advers*****ies that ***** appear. For a business, it is prob*****bly ***** even important in the beginning whether or not ***** venture is making a prof*****. You ***** be ***** likely to stick with it ***** attempt to pull ***** through tough times rather than when you are in a position you don't like at a comp*****. And this *****cause you feel ***** ***** a responsibility tow*****rds something you have cre*****ed, an ambition to see it pull *****.

***** third advantage is the financial aspect. ***** matter how hard you ***** in a **********ny and no ***** how much you produce, you will always be limited by ***** amount of money your respective ***** pays. If you are a junior consultant, you will never ***** paid the amount a senior consultant gets paid, no matter how much more work you do.

On the other h*****, ***** one's own ***** means ***** t*****ere is no financial limitation (of course, ***** ***** to be discussed. People may say that one is limited by the actual *****ances the company obtains). As an entrepreneur, you can use *****r knowledge and imagination ***** ***** as ***** as you are able to or the market allows you to at a certain time or other.

********** brings me to a so********** different ***** ***** the ***** advantage worth


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