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environmental challenges

Global Warming - Threats, Efforts and Results

The debate on the real existence of global warming is a long standing one. While some argue the ***** threats posed by the increased emissions of greenhouse gazes and ***** destruction of the ozone layer, others state that the propaganda has been intentionally created to create mass hysteria. Those who militate for ***** reality of global ***** present several threats for our future wellbeing as individuals and as a pl*****net. Some ***** these threats include:

the melting of the polar glaciers negative impacts over ***** natural habitats, resulting in the disappearance of several plant ***** animal species the bleach*****g and disintegration of the coral reefs more frequent and sever floods more damaging hurricanes (EcoBridge)

As ***** threats become ***** and more obvious, institutions across the globe begin ***** take action. Most of ***** efforts are forwarded by non-government environmental organizations. However, these often possess limited resources and their efforts may tend to go unnoticed. Examples of some of the most relevant environmental organizations which fight against reducing global warming could ***** EcoBridge, Plant a Tree or ***** Nicodemus Wilderness Project. Their measures revolved around wide series of actions the human kind could take to reduce pollution ***** improve the quality of Earth as a planet.

Realizing however the gravity ***** the matter and ***** ********** positive results non-*****vernmental ***** were retrieving, state officials and institutions became involved in resolving the matter of growing global temperature.

The most intense ***** in this direction have been forwarded by the European Union. In a meeting held on ***** 8th ********** 9th of Match 2007, the representatives at the European Commission set a goal ***** reducing carbon ***** by 20 percent ***** the year 2020. The *****age could even be incre*****ed to 30 percent if the efforts ***** sustained by other countries outside the E.U. (Website of the European Commission, 2007).

Educational ***** have also *****n an interest in the *****. Stanford University for instance has been engaged in promoting responsible behavior of the consumers. They have also conducted studies to reveal the impact of global ***** and ***** performances achieved in reducing its negative effects. They have also promoted the sources of alternative energy (Stanford *****, 1995).

***** governments in several American states have ***** formed alliances ***** ***** ********** the malign effects of global warming. "As more and ***** states band together to fight global warming, their ***** are moving beyond mere symbolism and becoming big enough to make a real dent in the problem [...] More than half ***** the nation's 50 states — including populous Cal*****ornia, Texas and New York — ***** joined toge*****r in regional coalitions aimed at reduc*****g greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, boosting the use of renewable energy and improving energy efficiency" (Kelly, *****).

***** all, it does indeed seem th***** the ***** of the phenomenon has come to the attention of various groups. In support of the solutions pro*****, numerous IT advancements have occurred and are


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