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Ethical evaluations about Doe run company

1) Introduction:

The ***** Run Company headquartered in ST. Louis Mo ***** North America is a glob*****l scale ***** enjoying leadership position in mining, smelting, recycling and metal fabrication businesses. The company's units in Missouri, Arizona and Peru unify every phase of metal production and provide the basis for the development ***** a lot of products important to the present trends of liv*****g. The company is committed to maintain leadership ***** in the world of metal *****dustry. Central ***** this commitment is because as the company claims as it is a low-cost producer and to support its customers, employees ***** their families and the society. (***** Doe Run *****: Who we are)

Doe Run is N. America's leading integrated lead producer and ***** third largest total ***** producer in the globe. Moreover, ***** ***** salvages ***** recycles in excess of 1, 50,000 tons of lead every year from ***** such as batteries as well as telephone cables. Apart from these metals, the company produces z*****c, gold, copper and also silver. To have an understanding ***** ***** metals mined by Doe ***** Company and their estimates, please refer appendix. The ***** has a work force of 4,000 across the *****, out of which 1,200 are employed in the United States while its fifth division is located in *****. The units of Doe Run ***** equipped with advanced technology optimizing efficiency ***** manufactures pure products all through. Its factories offer the latest automation in order to optimize recovery of metals from the ore ***** its ***** capacity is most superior on the technology front, environmental aspect and ***** ***** safest of its category ***** the world. (The Doe Run Company: Company Backgrounder)

It goes without saying that ***** ethically responsible company must show carefully regarding the manner in which ***** ma***** business affects ***** communities in which it functions and the manner in which it is able to guarantee practices ***** are good from the ethical and economic point of view. This implies comprehending, evaluating and taking steps for the welfare of employees, legal and political actualities, impact of environment, cultural considerations, and religious and moral urgencies. However recently, ***** Doe Run Company has been facing flak ***** media personalities and sections of the Catholic Church and o*****r Christian organizations for its un***** activities. (Utopian solutions versus real corporate social responsibility)

*****) What does Doe run company do to negatively affect environment?

The Doe ***** Company ***** been hauled up several times for increased levels of lead emissions from ***** smelter plants that are close to residential areas. Records reveal that the company produced almost more than 28 tons of lead ***** during 2005 - a level that was similar to the previous year. Remains of lead ***** been discovered in the soil throughout the river Illinois. Even though the quality ***** air improved since 2001, however ***** data on quarterly emissions went beyond the *****ational Ambient Air Quality Standard of 1.5 micrograms of lead per


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