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Chapter 2 - The Counselor as a Person and as a Professional

The Bible and Sun Tzu's Art of War contained the universally accepted maxim, "Know thyself." Be it in the profession of spir*****uality or warfare, underst*****ing "me, myself and I" is a prerequisite in being *****ble to perform tasks relative to the trade. ********** ***** same way as the noble vocation of counseling seeks to help those in need, the counselor must "know oneself" too ***** order to be able ***** effectively carry out the functions of his office. It is not enough for a counselor to have the training, tools and techniques to "do counseling" but rather, it is important for the ***** ***** be free of personal conflicts, bi*****es, problems ***** anxieties lest he becomes a detriment to t***** care ***** h***** clients.

Merryman (2002) states that "to be an affective counselor:

Learn as much ***** possible about the profession

Don't bring personal issues into a session

***** you *****n't learned to deal with your own pain, how can you be effective in helping someone else?

Avoid Dual Relationships (friends, family, co-workers, social contacts, etc); this is unethical and must be dealt with Don't Ever Become Sexually Involved With A Client (2-Year waiting period)

The points listed by Merryman have been discussed exhaustively in the chapter but of *****e is the one ma*****taining that, "If ***** haven't learned to deal with your ***** pain, how can you be ***** in ***** someone *****?" Besides the "own *****" described, which mirrors "unresolved *****" - there is also the need to fulfill "personal needs." One answer to this burning question a counselor faces throughout his career is self-therapy. Despite being in the ***** of helping others, no doubt a counselor at least once in his career will require the help of another professional. "The critical po*****t is not whether you happen to be struggling with personal *****s but how you are ***** with them. (Chapter 2)" It may be ***** the problem-laden counselor ***** cope with his situation ***** only to a cert*****in point - and what if the predicament boils over? ***** brave face ***** a steadfast attitude may not be enough to avert disaster since the counselor's problems may affect ***** way he *****s ***** his clients. Once this happens, several ethical concerns will arise and one of which is the effectiveness ***** the counselor in counsel*****g others when he himself is in dire need of counseling.

***** options are available to t***** counselor to remedy personal *****. ***** first rule though is to have "self-awareness" by underst*****ing ***** is a problem, then admitting the problem indeed ex*****ts and finally, seeking remediation. Fortunately for the struggling *****, counseling programs are available in the ***** way they ***** available ***** non-counsel*****g personnel and more spec*****ically, the programs have been developed to deal exactly with the ***** of the counselor. Personal or group therapy can be sought as well as other new ***** diverse


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