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Evaluation of Book

Jeremy Hammer's book entitled The Practice ***** English Language Teaching is an excellent course ***** that can be used in the teaching of the Engl*****h language. Unlike many books in the field, Hammer's book is written to be used by both the language learner and, more importantly, the ***** teacher. Thus, it serves as a guide ***** how to use its contents and lesson plans in the most effective way. To accomplish this, ***** book clearly outlines its objectives, is written in a clear and easy ***** underst***** style, its chapters are well organized, and it provides the language teacher with adequate explanations and guidance.

This ***** is best ***** for the beginning English language development teacher as that is who Hammer wrote the book *****. Any English language ***** with considerable experience will most likely not find ***** text useful and should instead look at Mr. ***** intermediate level book, Just Right. More so, this text is ***** aimed only at the beginning English ***** teacher, but al***** those ***** are currently in the process of studying to become an English language *****. *****, this ***** is highly recommended to be used in ***** course of studying the methods of teaching ***** English language and as a resource or guide for the first years of teaching.

From the very beginning of ***** book, Hammer clearly ***** the principles behind his course of study. He states in a straight forward and sensible manner on the major aspects ***** ********** covered by ***** course's multi-layered syllabus. However, even if at first site the syllabus seems daunting, in reality it follows a quite traditional approach as to sequencing. ***** point of this section is because Hammer realizes ***** ***** teachers will not use the book cover ***** cover but instead will pick and choose various materials ***** tasks. This opening statement lets the teacher know how this ***** be done ***** clearly outlining the organization and contents of the *****. For this reason, it is clear that Hammer is an advocate of a learner based ***** to teaching the English ***** and thus encourages the teacher ***** use ***** book in a manner that ***** meets the learning needs of his or her students. In ot***** words, instead of arguing for the course book to dictate the flow ***** the learning process, hammer *****s ***** letting the teacher react and go with ***** students and general direction of the classroom.

According to Hammer, as he states in his book Just Right:

Using a course book is ***** skill. It involves ********** at t***** ma*****erial on the page and deciding if, when and how to use that material. It may be, for example, that a particular exercise, activity or even, in some situati*****s, a whole section is not ***** *****ppropriate ***** your class. In such circumstances you ***** decide to either omit ***** ***** or, if you have *****thing better up your sleeve, replace it with your own activities."



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