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Experience of Obesity, Weight Loss, and Treatment: Qualitative Study of Formerly Obese Persons ***** Their Partners

Chapter One

Overview of the Study

Introduction to the Problem

Purpose of the *****

Need for the Study

Theoretical Framework

Definition ***** Terms

Research Questions

***** Two

***** about the ***** of Obesity

***** and Poor Self/Body Image

Weight and Self-Esteem/Body Image

The Link Between Mind and Body

Psychological Distress on the Individual and Within ***** Marital Relationship

Hypothesized Interactional Patterns

Obesity ***** the Link ***** Marital


Obesity and Sexuality in ***** Couple


***** ***** Partner Support


Chapter Three

The Research Process

Rationale for the Methodology

Semi-Structured Interviews

*****, Sett*****g and Sample




*****er Information and Biases

Data Collection

Data Analysis

Ethical Considerations

Trustworthiness of ***** Data



Table of Appendices

A. Assent for Participation

Dr. John Gottman's Oral History Interview: Therapist's Rating Form: Critical Dimensions on Which to Rate the Couple

Demographic and Treatment *****

Weight and Significant Events: A Subjective Historical Timeline

Subject Explanation to Photo Album Review

Semi-Structured Interview Guide for the Formerly Obese Participant

Semi-Structured ***** Guide for the non-Obese Participant

***** Questions for the Formerly Obese Participant

Journal Questions for the ***** *****

Joint Photo Album ***** Semi-Structured Interview Guide

Joint Semi-Structured ***** Guide

***** Mass Index

Participant Demographic Information

***** diet information (Mercy Hospital)



Overview of the Study

Obesity is a problem, not only in the United States, but worldwide, especially within westernized countries. The ***** affects both men ***** women, old and young. The causes for obesity are varied, and include (but are not limited to) genetic predisposition, poor eating habits, the abundant marketing and availability of nutritionally void foods, a sedent*****ry lifestyle, and emotional/psychological stressors. The focus of this study looks at the experience of obesity and weight loss treatment on the formerly obese individual and his or her partner, regardless of the reasons that the individual became *****. ***** intent ***** ***** study is to identify the particular problems that arise ***** how *****y affect the couple relationship, thereby increasing public and professional understanding of this issue. The methodology is a qualitative ***** that looks at the ***** ***** obesity and ***** experiences of obesity and weight loss from the standpoint of the formerly obese individual, their non-obese partner and as a couple.

Introduction to the Problem

The term Obesity derives ***** the Greek expression ob-edere, which means over-eating. For centuries, in w***** considered a matter of glut*****ny, or craving f***** *****ood. However, the modern definition for ***** has evolved to ***** considerations ***** height, weight, age, gender, and waist circumference. Generally, the diagnosis of obesity is derived through the use of Body Mass ***** (BMI) calculations. According to the BMI, obesity ***** defined as weight in kilograms divided by the squ***** of height in meters, equal to or greater than 30. A waist circumference greater ***** 40 inches f***** men or 35 inches for wo***** also puts a person in the obese


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