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Experience of Obesity, Weight Loss, and Treatment: Qualitative Study of Formerly Obese Persons ***** Their Partners

Chapter One

Overview ***** the Study

Introduction to the Problem

Purpose of the *****

Need for the Study

Theoretical Framework

Definition ***** Terms

***** Questions

Chapter Two

***** about the Problem of Obesity

Obesity and Poor Self/Body Image

Weight and Self-Esteem/Body Image

The Link Between Mind and Body

Psychological Distress on the Individual and Within ***** Marital Relationship

Hypothesized Interactional Patterns

Obesity ***** the ***** ***** Marital


Obesity and Sexuality in the Couple


Obesity ***** Partner Support


Chapter Three

The Research Process

Rationale for the Methodology

***** Interviews

Population, Setting and Sample




*****er Information and Biases

Data Collection

Data Analysis

Ethical Considerations

Trustworthiness ***** ***** Data



Table of Appendices

*****. Assent for Participation

Dr. John Gottman's Oral History Interview: Therapist's Rating Form: Critical Dimensions on Which to Rate the Couple

Demographic and Treatment Information

Weight ***** Significant Events: A Subjective Historical Timeline

Subject Explanation to Photo Album Review

Semi-Structured Interview Guide for the Formerly Obese Participant

Semi-Structured Interview Guide for the non-Obese *****

***** Questions for the ***** Obese Participant

Journal Questions for the non-Obese Participant

Joint Photo Album ***** Semi-Structured Interview Guide

Joint Semi-Structured Interview Guide

***** Mass Index

Participant Demographic *****

Various diet information (Mercy Hospital)



Overview ***** ***** Study

Obesity is a problem, not only in the United States, but worldwide, especially within westernized countries. The ***** affects both men and women, old and young. The causes for obesity are varied, and include (but are not limited to) genetic pred*****position, poor eating habits, the abundant marketing and availability of nutritionally void foods, a sedent*****ry lifestyle, ***** emotional/psychological stressors. The focus ***** this study looks at the experience of obesity and weight loss treatment on the formerly obese individual and his or her partner, regardless of the reasons that the individual became *****. The intent ***** the study is to identify the particular problems that arise ***** how *****y affect the couple relationship, thereby increasing public and professional understanding of this issue. ***** methodology is a qu*****litative study that looks at the ***** ***** obesity and ***** experiences of obesity ***** weight loss from the standpoint of the formerly obese individual, ********** non-obese partner and as a *****.

Introduction ***** the Problem

The term Obesity derives from the Greek expression ob-edere, which means over-eating. For centuries, in was considered a m*****tter of gluttony, or craving for food. However, ***** modern definition for ***** has evolved to ***** considerations ***** height, *****, age, gender, and waist circumference. Generally, the diagnosis ***** obesity is derived through ***** use of Body Mass Index (BMI) calculations. According ***** the BMI, obesity ***** defined as weight in kilograms divided by the square of height in meters, equal to or greater than 30. A waist circumference greater ***** 40 *****ches f***** men or 35 inches for women also puts a person in ***** obese


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