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***** relationship between leadership and extraverted personality

What makes an excellent leader? Does effective leadership stem from the combination of the right person ***** the right situation, or can an individual mold his or herself into a leader if given ***** right tools. Are there some personalities which are innately better at *****?

I believe that ***** ***** certain types of personality who will succeed in a le*****dership position. There are many types ***** personality, but for t***** study, I plan to research the extraverted *****. We will discuss ***** on the subject of personality and effective leadership styles. We will ident*****y settings in which certain ***** types flourish and why. We will identify personality traits ***** ***** be mistaken for extraversion. We will attempt to make a clear definition of leadership. Based upon my readings on these subjects, my hypothesis ***** this paper is "An ***** pers***** is more likely to succeed as a leader than an introverted person." The variables for my ***** are 1) extraverted ***** and 2) leadership quality and capability


By definition, extraverted ***** are social, assertive, talkative and active. An ***** person will focus attention outside on one's environment rather ***** internally.

Extraverted people usually function *****tter in large groups rather than small gather*****gs. ***** extraverted personality ***** more independent in thought ***** action. ***** extravert may *****ten have fluctuations in mood and energy. Extraverted personalities ***** often described as warm, gregarious, *****, excitement seeking. They are ***** perceived in a positive light by others, seen ***** happy and well adjusted 1. Extraversion is often associated with subjective state of well being2. Extraverted ***** tend to practice ***** thinking. Examples of extraverted thinking include contingency planning, scheduling and quantifying tasks be*****e initiation. These individuals often use organizational ***** like graphs, flow charts, outline which help with task management. Th***** style of thinking is empirical in nature. The extraverted individual is ***** ***** challenge ideas or ask for explanations of routine. Generally unable to accept the status quo, the extraverted individual will frequently ask for clarification of ***** process. The extraverted personality easily *****s written ***** verbal communication channels.

Personality and Leadership

No one knows what ***** use develop personality. It appears to be a ***** ***** ***** physical ***** the mental. Add to th***** mix ***** socializing elements of childhood and *****e effect parents have on children plus quite a bit of life experience. Twin studies show, however, that even when individuals are raised in similar settings with similar parenting and *****, the twins still may have very different pers*****alities. A part ***** personality can be culturally based, since certain cultures reward the *****ment of ***** ***** and *****havior patterns.

The study of leadership can be as complex as the study of personality. Many studies have been done on ***** subject, ***** there are as many theories regarding leadership as there ***** leadership *****. Leadership is defined ***** the ability with ***** one influences others and directs organizational activity. A capable leader


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