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Family Nudity

Most people, who oppose Family Nudity, do so as an extension of their own conservative views on sexuality or simply as a knee-jerk re*****ction *****d do not have valid scientific rea*****ns for such opposition. In my opinion there is no harm in family nudity, especially if it is practiced ***** the privacy of one's home and does *****t have any sexual overtones to it.

Whatever little research ***** available on the issue indicates that children who grow up in nudist families are much more comfortable with their bodies ***** their ***** as adults. They are apt to exhibit higher levels of self-esteem and self-confidence. On the other hand, children ***** have been brought ***** without ***** exposure to family ***** at home are more likely ***** suffer from feelings of shame about ***** genitalia ***** children and from sexual anxiety as adults. Such feelings ***** shame about sex may adversely affect their adult ********** relationships too. To my mind, anything which helps children to develop normally with a healthy attitude about sex should be welcomed rather than condemned.

Although I fully support the concept of a certain amount of family nudity at home, I do have ***** reserv*****ions regarding unrestrained "social" nudity whereby ***** practice a "***** lifestyle" in the company of others, such as at *****aches, clubs, or g*****herings outside the privacy of ***** homes. The reason why I support "at home nudism" is because ***** am convinced about its positive effects on the normal development of children. I do not consider "Social Nudity" appropriate because I believe ***** it does ***** serve any useful purpose apart ***** enabling the "nudists" ***** make a political statement ***** their beliefs. Such public display ***** ***** also tends to create a b*****cklash against more moderate forms of family nudity and gives credence to the view about ***** being "odd."


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Study conducted by Robin Lewis and Louis J*****a (1988) among


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