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Family Nudity

Most people, who oppose Family *****, do so as an extension of their own conservative views on sexuality or simply as a knee-jerk re*****ction *****d do not have valid scientific reasons for such opposition. In my opinion there is no harm in family nudity, especially if it is practiced in the privacy of one's home and does not have any sexual overtones to it.

Whatever little research is available on the issue indicates that children who grow up in nudist families are much more com*****table with their bodies ***** their sexuality as adults. They are apt to exhibit higher levels of self-esteem and self-c*****fidence. On the o*****r hand, children who have been brought ***** *****out any exposure to family nudity at home are ***** likely to suffer from feelings of shame about their genitalia ***** children and from sexual anxiety as adults. Such feelings of shame ***** sex may adversely affect their adult ********** relationships too. To my mind, *****thing which helps ***** to develop normally with a he*****lthy attitude about sex should be welcomed rather than condemned.

Although I fully support the concept of a certain amount of family ***** at home, I do have ***** reservations regarding unrestrained "social" nudity whereby ***** practice a "nudist lifestyle" in the comp*****ny of o*****rs, such as at *****aches, clubs, or gatherings outside the ***** ***** ***** homes. The reason why I support "at home nudism" is because ***** am convinced about its positive effects on ***** normal development of children. I do not c*****sider "Social Nudity" appropriate because ***** believe ***** it does ***** serve any useful purpose apart ***** enabling the "nudists" to make a political statement about their beliefs. Such public display ***** nudity also tends to create a b*****cklash against more moderate forms of family nudity and gives credence to the view ***** ***** being "odd."


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Study conducted by Robin Lewis ***** Louis Janda (1988) among


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