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Famous Speeches - Thomas Jefferson's "Declaration of Independence" and Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream"

Two of the most famous speeches In the United States calling for freedom are Thomas Jefferson's "Declaration ***** *****" and ***** Lu*****r King's "I Have a Dream." *****t can be argued that King's speech is the more powerful ***** effective of the two ***** his purpose, the audience he addressed and his use of language.

***** intended ***** affected how each man wrote ***** statement. Jefferson used elaborately structured language, *****cause his message was to the upper class and royalty ***** England. For instance, his opening sentence starts, "When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bonds which have connected ********** with another...." This sentence conta*****s seventy-***** words. By comparison, King's audience ***** the entire United *****. His ***** ***** is only seventeen words and immediately refers ***** the main *****sue directly by mentioning ***** Emancipation Proclamation. ***** ***** continues with complex vocabulary and extremely long sentences, while King' speech is almost like poetry in some places, creat*****g clear images and using ***** ***** is easy to understand and ***** listen to. This is why we call it the "I ***** a dream" speech. That simple sentence resonates in the speech and communicates his intent very **********.

The two statements also varied in content. Tomas Jefferson surely knew that all Colonists who could read would read The Declaration of Independence and ***** most of those who ***** not read it would hear it, but his audience was the rulers of England -- Parliament and King George. King, by contrast, knew his audience was all of the United States. While he wanted to influence government policy, he did t***** by influencing the ordinary citizens.

***** content of the ***** works reflect *****ir different audiences. Jefferson's work used legal and legislative terms, because that ***** his audience. While he mentioned individual rights, ***** addressed what governments should be doing for people and listed specific grievances the ***** had ***** specific laws that had been passed. In *****, King was not arguing about law. Laws had al*****y been passed that ***** have assured his race of equal treatment and opportunities. In fact the American Constitution had ***** amended to reflect that. In spite ***** this, the United States was a l*****nd of inequality based on color. The content ***** ***** ***** reflects this reality using rich language to lay out ***** evils of segregation and racism. Both writers used poetic language to get their points across, but King's structure is much easier to understand.

The *****s of the two writers, however, ***** similarities as well ***** differences, ***** both men were protesting a situation where in theory, a group of ***** had rights and freedoms, but ***** *****, many barriers were put before them. However, Jefferson's "Declaration of Independence" also amounted to a declaration ***** war. He was well aware that the Brit*****h govern*****t would not simply let


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