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My Favorite Room

***** have been living in our house for the past fifteen years and now after spend*****g a m*****jor part of my life in it, it has its own character; ***** the same way, a room also attains a quality that is unique to it. In my home, a small room is used for multiple things. It is located on the second floor of the house ***** a wooden staircase leads ***** it, even though the rest of the house is at one level.

This room strangely has al*****s ***** called the study. Although I have never seen anyone actually using it in that capac*****y. Our study ***** many memories associated with it. When I was younger, we used this ***** as a playroom.

It had a large trunk full ***** toys, which would be scattered all over, and at ***** end of the day, my mom would make us put ********** back. As we grew older, we got a television *****nd eventually a computer cramped into it.

The study h***** a huge window *****looking our b*****ckyard. The window makes the room seem much more bigger then it actually is. *****re lies a couch oppos*****e to the window; the tan ***** ***** old and worn-out. It is frayed at edges, but is very comfortable. ***** center of the room is a small rug, which covers ***** wooden floor. The rug ***** an Old Persian carpet full of vibrant colors.

***** room acquires a ***** unique ***** it because despite having ***** lying in it though not unique in any way in fact they seem quite odd to the observer, do not ***** out of place ***** give a str*****nge comforting feeling and whenever I am feeling blue ***** usually end up sitting ***** daydreaming or


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