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The "Five Rights"

The Five Rights


In its simplest form, purchasing constitutes an activity faced by individuals in their private lives; however the purchasing of goods and services for organizations comprises a professional activity. Professional purchasing entails to get the best out of the market place and in order to accomplish this use of certain set of competencies are needed. Every act of purchasing is the result of a contract between the buyer ***** seller; however the purchasing process must initiate prior to ***** decision of the source and last after ***** contract is created. Evidently, the degree of the need will decide the intensity and complexity ***** purchasing *****. Purchasing is a conscious process which must look in***** the value for money aspect with the right personal accountability for decisions. Dearth of sufficient time and improper preparation comprise pr*****cipal problems ***** effective purchasing. It has to be ensured that proper understanding of the timescales are available for carrying out the necessary exercise and ***** amount of preparation which will be required. (Good ***** Practice) simple means to understand the purchasing ***** is the achievement of the '5 Rights'. These are "Right Product, Right Time, Right Place, Right Price & Right Quality." (Good Purchasing Practice) ***** is important that ***** size, scope and particular specification of the *****s are known prior to initiating any specific ***** process. As regards choosing the ***** Product ***** various points to ***** adhered to ***** (i) consulting with the user (ii) identification of the actual performance needs (iii) taking a dec*****ion regarding a precise and brief description of the needs. At ***** same time caution should be taken to avoid the following points (i) one must not ***** vague - if something is beyond ***** scope of the knowledge, it has to be found out (ii) it should ***** be made more complicated than necessary (iii) brand names must not be used w*****hout a fair reason.

As regards the Right ***** it ***** important to (i) understand ***** ***** through wide research (ii) possess ***** about the general market price. (*****i) Value ***** competition should not be ignored (iv) willingness ***** negotiate (ii) possess knowledge regarding the extent of spending (*****i) possess awareness about the economies of scale. Concurrently, it is important to ***** caution ***** (i) *****t ***** not to be assumed that big is always beautiful (ii) possible suppliers ***** not be misled regarding the amount ***** be spent. Regarding ***** Right Time it is important to (i) to be conscious regarding the need of things (*****) have ***** about ***** and lead times. It should be kept in m*****d ***** ***** (iii) spare too scanty time to fin*****h a ***** exercise (iv) impose unnecessary ***** scales. (Good Purchasing Practice)

Regarding ***** Right ***** it is important to (i) f*****nd out exactly where the goods, services or w*****ks are needed (ii) ensuring that the site is accessible in case ***** online purchases. (**********) Presume ***** the supplier has knowledge regarding the


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