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In Frank Stockton's "The Lady or the Tiger?" a young man, the f*****bidden lover of a princess, is sentenced to ***** trial by ordeal: in front of thousands of onlookers, he must choose between two doors. Behind one waits a tiger, behind ***** other waits a lovely maiden. Only the princess herself possesses the knowledge that will save her lover's life, though in doing so, she will send him into ***** arms of an***** woman. Stockton leaves whether or not she saves her beau to the reader's imagination.

The movie Gladiator also revolves around public spectacle and matters of justice and in*****. The ma***** character, Maximus, a respected general and loyal subject of the Ro*****n Empire, has been betrayed by Commodus, ***** Emperor. Sold ***** slavery, his family murdered, Maximus longs for revenge. He is ********** to become a gladiator and use his strength to kill for the am*****ment of ***** mobs. At first, he resists this role, but his master, a former *****, reminds him ***** if he c*****n get the people on his side, he will be invincible. ***** takes ***** advice to heart and works to make the people his ally. When he is taken to fight at the Coliseum in Rome, he comes face to ***** with his old enemy Commodus. Commodus longs to have ***** killed, but Maximus is *****o popular for ***** to risk it. Eventually, Maximus is able to avenge himself, though ***** does so at the cost of ***** own life.

***** short story, "The Lady or ***** Tiger?" and the *****, Gladiator, have many similarities. Both utilize public ***** as a w*****y to control ***** soothe the citizens ***** a country; both address betrayal or ***** possibility of betrayal; and both *****volve a tyr*****nt who arbitrarily wields the power of life and death over his citizens. However ***** no means are the two pieces completely alike. Whereas the princess's hapless lover in "The ***** or the Tiger?" faces a harsh but fair *****, Commodus's challenges offer only the appearance of fairness. In truth, every competition is heavily stacked against Maximus. Another difference lies in the character's relationships with o*****rs. All of the characters in "The Lady or the *****?" ***** primarily concerned with themselves; the protagonists in Gladia*****r are *****ten m*****e concerned with ***** well-be*****g of others or with the greater good of the country. Finally, "***** Lady or the Tiger?" is deliberately ambiguous throughout; Gladiat***** is not.

Both the short story and the movie ***** spectacle to entertain ***** appease the masses. Stockton's father was a strict, conserv*****tive Method*****t minister who disapproved ***** all forms of light ***************. Although Stockton ***** became a ***** writer, it appears that some ***** ***** father's inherent suspicion of games and spectacles has crept into his work (Golemba 18).

Stockton explains the perfection of the king's method ***** justice in "The Lady or the Tiger?" as follows: "Thus the ***** were entertained and ple*****ed, and the thinking part of the community could bring no


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