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Fred Factor

The premise of the Fred ***** is that by taking simple steps we can transform our lives from the ordinary to the extra*****. The book is small but has a big mission: to help us make our lives meaningful beyond anything we ***** imagine! In a job that some may think monotonous, Fred sees an opportunity to make a difference to the lives of his customers.

Career Choices

***** story ***** Fred is very inspiring for all ***** people stuck and bored in their work life and even for those who are about to enter the workforce whether white collar or blue collar. When a person works with passion then he forgets about the time and his work becomes his ***** and ***** rest, a part of it. It is the passion ***** can keep a ***** burning the midnight oil. Most people *****dopt different professions ***** slog through because of lack of real inte*****. At times, monetary incentives or other perks derive certain people ***** opt for a *****icular c*****er but due to ***** of appeal they remain unable to excel in the field they choose. Mediocr*****y not only hurts the individual but also the industry or economy in which the person is work*****g. Therefore, it is imperative for a person to choose a field which stimulates him and his passion.

HR Improvement

The ***** factor ***** be an inspiration for every employee as *****ll as m*****agement. Management can also take a lesson from the book and try to create a ch*****llenging work atmosphere ***** hence create impact on employee morale and performance. Managers must also be concerned with factors such as individuals' awareness about the work situation and systems as they influence learning ***** *****. Organizations that have social norms and values that support learning, experimentation and challenges can have a positive impact on an individual's performance also have this Fred factor inherent in ***** philosophy. If Fred ***** pervades ***** organization at all levels ***** the concepts ***** ownership and empowerment can not be simply ignored and compensation can***** simply be considered.

***** Service & Relationship Building

The book can be an inspiration for customer service ***** business development. Fred factor suggests that Customer service management, sometimes referred to as ***** relationship management, is much more than attentiveness ***** customer satisfaction. Customers do not want to ***** merely "satisfied." They want the feeling that the organization considers their business to be important, essential, and vital to its operation. Fred factor emphasizes that ********** can ********** more successful by building strong relationships; ***** value for others *****out spending money.

Leadership Importance

It's a ***** for bosses and employees alike. Leadership is what builds the corporate culture. The ***** should exemplify extraordinary *****. Effective leadership builds a people-centered corpor*****te culture. If the corporate culture is not people-centered, the organization is likely to lose large numbers of customers to its competitors, which means, of course, that leaders have the primary responsibility for the success of the organization and


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