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George Orwell's 1984

***** Orwell's novel, the concept of Doublethink and Big Brother allowed the government to tell citizens carefully thought-out lies and to get rid of morality while claiming ***** be moral. After all, democracy was not possible in this fictional story and the Party would decide what is democratic ***** what was not, what was good for the people to know, and what was not ***** for ***** citizens ***** know. Unfortunately, in the U.S. over ***** past few years there are plenty of examples ***** Doublethink - in fact official ***** and deception have ********** all too common.

In the novel 1984, the Ministry of Plenty had promised citizens they would produce 145 million pairs of boots, but only 62 million ***** were made. The information put out then ***** that "...the ***** ***** made five ***** more ***** last year ***** they had expected to." But wait, in the same paragraph ***** Chapter 3, it was possible ***** "no boots at all were made," because even though the newspaper said five million extra pairs were made, " could see that half the people in Oceania had no boots." This is an example of Orwellian government *****t*****g lies in the form of propaganda out ***** newspapers, to make the public think ***** things are fine, when ***** are not ***** at all.

Th***** ***** is ***** unlike ***** Bush Administration in Washington, which, among many other things, has admitted bribing journalist Armstrong Williams with $241,000 to write positive stories about education programs (including "No Child Left Behind"), according to Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post. Paying a profession*****l journalist to say and ***** untrue things about a program is similar to lying about how many ***** ***** government has produced. It's pure propaganda. Designed to convince the public of things that are not necessarily true.

And perhaps just as jaded and unconscionable, ********** Bush Administration *****ficials have testified in Congress under oath ***** *****y editorially changed science reports before they were rele*****ed to the public, to make Global Warm*****g seem not as serious as it really is, among other things. Th***** fits right in the Orwell *****; Winston edits historical accounts in order to fit with ***** current policies of the government. In other words, Orwell's ***** government wanted the citizens to know what the government felt ***** be good for *****m to *****, ***** what people really truly needed ***** know (i.e., the truth).

As to the Bush Administration's censoring sc*****nce ***** spare the ***** from hearing ***** real facts, the Christian Science Monitor reported that the White House "***** broadly attempted to control which climate scientists could speak with reporters, as well as editing scientists' congressional testimony on climate change..." (Clayton, 2007). *****e ***** Administration w***** "particularly active in stifling [*****] discussion of the link *****tween increased hurricane intensity and global warming," the article reports.

***** the novel, the Ministry of Truth tweaked photographs in ***** to present a f*****lse image ***** the public. And


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