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***** Effects of Globalization in India.

The economics of a free trade society cannot flourish in a world where there is not ***** forward progressive economic development going on. Globalization ***** about creating an economic balance around the globe, which means eliminating third world poverty in order that those nations are able to participate and compete in a world economy. The suggestion ***** a world economy has other implications too; it means that the world, as a commun*****y, must t*****ke responsibility for the health ***** welfare of the people ***** the globe. There are staunch anti-globalization protesters, who believe that globalization can be prevented, or "stopped" (Griffith, 2007, p. 283). It cannot ***** sto*****ped and it cannot be prevented, because it is about br*****ging nations to a pl*****ce ***** economic independence where *****y can maintain their own infrastructure and bring the population that depends largely on ***** char*****y, especially from the United States, out of ***** and into self reliance.

India is, as the process of ***** unfolds, a n*****tion ***** is at this point in time ***** the heart of globalization. This brief study will examine ***** effects ***** globalization in India, which began more than two decades ago, ***** continues into the present day. ***** and globalization have become almost synonymous; it is difficult to speak of one without the other. It might even be said that India stands ***** the ***** test market, and an effort will be made ***** ***** how well ***** population of India has withstood that *****.

Winston H. Griffith (2007), reviewing the book, Winners ***** Losers, reports that economic analyst and author Guillermo de la Dehesa (2006), takes the position of ***** pro-globalization argument, and actually supports that argument with sound logic and facts.

The Cultural Effects ***** Globalization

For the opponents of globalization it *****, or might not, help them to put into perspective globalization in terms ***** h*****t*****y. ***** ***** w*****h the migration of persons from one boundary to a*****her ***** the earliest years of mankind's realization that there were trade items he wanted, or his community wanted, that were not readily available to t*****m in their geographical location, ***** ***** ***** items could ***** obtained through trade with ***** geographically located elsewhere (Orozco and Baolian Qin-Hilliard, 2004, p. 42). During this ***** of trade, individuals began moving from region to a*****her; for instance, in 1492 and 1800 forced migration through slavery brought Africans to nearly every European colony that existed during those times around the globe, including the Caribbean, America, ***** other South ********** nations (Orozco and Baolian *****, 2004, p. 42).

***** and Baolian Qin Hilliard say that globalization was in its ***** stage at the end of the 19th century (p. *****). They *****:

The third cycle of ***** ***** L*****in America occurred ***** the onset of export-led economic growth in the closing ***** of the nineteenth *****. The timing differed ***** place ***** place, but the process quickly assumed similar characteristics throughout Latin *****. West


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