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***** Impact of Globalization on U.S. Foreign Policy

***** has had significant effects on U.S. foreign policy since 1990. Globalization is something ***** a catchall word, referring to a wide ********** of circumstances and conditions in international relations. Most notably, and perhaps most importantly, globalization interconnects the United States with distant parts of the world. Events throughout the world, seemingly insignificant, can have powerful contagion reactions in the United *****, dramatically affect*****g foreign policy (Howell 45).

***** example, seemingly ***** issues such as warming in the Polar Regions, outbreaks ***** bird flu in E*****t Asia, or civil war in Iraq all have direct ***** on U.S. policies. Foreign policy in the United States has long been torn between embracing ***** networked world that globalization makes possible and isolationist policies ***** would attempt to divorce the nation from the world (***** 45). During the 1990s, the nation's ***** ***** were largely interactive, attempting ***** respond to events whose effects could ultimately spread ***** affect U.S. interests—such as conflicts in Somalia, Bosnia, ***** Middle East, and the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

In more recent years ***** U.S.'s foreign policy has still been very much affected by globalization, though with notable difference that now the nation's foreign policy is no *****er built on ***** consensus but is isolationist in its resolve. Though superfici*****y recent international policy would seem to be ***** interested in world affairs—such as terrorism—policies have been devised *****out consideration for the other major actors in *****ternational relations. This kind of isolationism creates the very real danger of ignoring ***** multitude of ways in which U.S. interests are actively ***** by ***** and international relations.

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*****, Llewellyn D. "Needed: Global Thinking." *****A Today 123.2600 (May 1995):


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