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***** Impact of Globalization on U.S. Foreign Policy

********** has had significant effects on U.S. foreign policy since 1990. Globalization is something ***** a catchall word, referring to a wide *****rray of circumstances and conditions in international relations. Most notably, and perhaps most importantly, globalization interconnects the United States with d*****tant parts of ***** world. Events throughout the *****, seemingly insignificant, can have powerful contagion reactions in the United *****, dramatically affecting foreign policy (Howell 45).

***** example, seemingly distant issues such as warming in the Polar Regions, outbreaks of bird flu in East Asia, or civil war in Iraq all ***** direct effects on U.S. policies. ***** policy in the ***** States has long been torn between embracing ***** networked world that globalization makes possible ***** isolationist policies ***** would attempt to divorce the nation from ***** world (Howell 45). During the 1990s, the nation's foreign policies were largely interactive, attempting ***** respond to events whose effects could ultimately spread ***** affect U.S. interests—such as conflicts in Somalia, Bosnia, ***** Middle East, and the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

In more recent years the U.S.'s foreign policy has still been very much ********** by globalization, though with notable difference that now the nation's foreign ***** is no longer built on international consensus but is isolationist in its resolve. Though superfici*****y recent ***** policy ***** seem to be very interested in world affairs—such as terrorism—policies have *****en devised without consideration for the other major actors in international relations. This kind of isolationism creates the very real danger of ig*****ring the multitude of ways in which U.S. *****terests are actively affected by ***** and international relations.

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*****, Llewellyn D. "Needed: Global Thinking." ********** Today 123.2600 (May 1995):


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