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***** are the observable artifacts, espoused values, and basic assumptions associated with Google's culture? Explain.

The espoused values and ***** assumptions of Google specifically define their strategies for attracting, retaining ***** growing the best software engineers ********** can possibly find globally. Google's culture is one of absolute commitment to innovation and solving the more difficult and challenging computing, Internet- and information-related challenges by creating a corpor*****te culture that concentrates in a very high level of intensity first, followed by *****mple rewards for initiating innovative solutions to complex problems.

Based on ***** espoused values and basic ***** that Google's culture is based on, it is logical that the observable ***** support this vision ***** ***** company the founders have continued to aggressively pursue. To call their ***** aggressively intelligent is an understatement, as ***** prizes intensity of innovation so much that all distractions from an employees' life are minimized. This includes the allegorical use of food in ***** culture as fuel. Concentrating on have food sources not more than 150 feet away ***** any workers underscores ***** philosophy. Minimizing interruptions to progress in solving ***** technical problems is also exemplified in offering laundry, an on-prem*****e gym, and assistance for new p*****nts who are staying home with *****born children, offering $500 for take-out food. This also ties back to alleviating ***** distractions or time-consuming activi***** of having ***** go shopping while also trying to take care of a new-born. Google however does not merely look to create an alle*****rical reference of food to fuel; it is instead also concentrating on *****s role in def*****ing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the context ***** an increasingly aware society of waste and the impact ***** carbon-***** fuels on the envir*****ment. To further support these CSR initiatives specifically in the area of carbon-based fuel emission reductions, the ***** offers an allowance of $5,000 to each employee who chooses to purchase a hybrid vehicle. In **********, ***** company has *****vested in Wi-Fi enabled buses to transport its employees around the Bay Area between locations to fur*****r save on their fuel costs.

***** there are those artifacts that seek to c*****tinue and expand the base of talent in the organization. ***** includes ***** offer of $2,000 to any employee who ********** a reference for a qualified candidate that gets hired. There is also the corporate standard of giving engineers 20% ***** their time to explore entirely new *****s. The case study points out that Google Gmail, ***** Finance and other ********** ***** been *****d based on this allocation of a fifth ***** a persons' *****. In conclusion, the Google culture is so centered on nurturing intellectual curiosity while at the same time alleviating any roadblocks to re***** issues surrounding complex, ***** Internet-***** ***** information-centric problems that the company's many *****, processes and procedu*****s are concentrated streamlining and making as efficient ***** lives so they can concentrate ***** full ***** on their work.

***** the competing ***** framework to diagnose *****'s culture. To what extent does it possess


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