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***** are the observable artifacts, espoused values, and basic assumptions associated with Google's culture? Explain.

The espoused ***** and ***** assumptions of Google specifically define their strategies for attracting, retaining ***** growing the best software engineers they can possibly find globally. *****'s culture is one of absolute commitment to innovation and solving the more difficult ***** challenging computing, Internet- and information-related challenges by creating a corporate ***** that concentrates in a very high level of intensity first, followed by *****mple rewards for initiating innovative solutions ***** complex problems.

***** on ***** ***** values and basic assumptions that Google's culture is based on, it is logical ***** the observable ***** support this vision of the company the founders have continued to aggressively pursue. To call their culture ***** intelligent is an understatement, as ***** prizes intensity of innovation so much that all distractions from an employees' life are minimized. This includes the allegorical use of food in the culture as fuel. Concentrating on have food sources not more than 150 feet away from any workers underscores ***** philosophy. Minimizing interruptions to progress in solving ***** technical problems is also exemplified in offering laundry, an on-prem*****e gym, and assistance for new parents who are staying home with newborn children, ***** $500 for take-out food. ***** also ties back to alleviating ***** distractions or time-consuming activi***** of having to go shopping while also trying to take care of a new-b*****n. Google however does not merely look to create an alle*****rical reference ***** food to fuel; it is instead also concentrating on its role in defining Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in ***** context of an *****creasingly aware society of waste and the impact ***** carbon-based fuels on the environment. To further support these CSR initiatives specifically in the area of carbon-based fuel emission reductions, the company offers an allowance of $5,000 to each employee ***** chooses to purchase a hybrid vehicle. In *****ddition, ***** company has invested in Wi-Fi enabled buses ***** transport ***** employees around the Bay Area between locations to further save on ***** fuel costs.

***** there are those artifacts that seek to continue ***** expand the base of talent in the organization. This includes ***** offer of $2,000 to any employee who ***** a reference for a qu*****lified candidate that gets hired. There is also the corporate standard ***** giving engineers 20% of their time to explore entirely new *****s. The case study points out that Google Gmail, ***** Finance and other *****s ***** been created based on this allocation ***** a fifth of a persons' time. In conclusion, the Google culture is so centered on nurturing intellectual curiosity while at the same time allevi*****ing any roadblocks to re***** *****sues surrounding complex, difficult Internet-***** and information-centric problems that the company's many artifacts, processes ***** procedu*****s are concentrated streamlining and making as efficient *****' lives so *****y can concentrate ***** full ***** on their work.

***** the competing ***** framework to diagnose *****'s culture. To what extent does it possess


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