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You Gotta Keep Dancin'

Tim Hansel's book "You gotta keep dancing" is perhaps one of the most profound and deep humanitarian message ever transmitted and th***** message may be included in ***** fundamental values of life. Along wi***** Andre Malraux's "Human Condition," it expresses in a simple w*****y what ***** is all about and what solutions we have to pain.

Pain, troubles, extreme conditions- ***** these seem to make up the human life ***** resume the ***** condition. How many times haven't we been faced with either or all of them? The auth***** himself seems ***** write from a personal experience: an accident while trekking in the Sierras has left him in terrible pain for over twenty years now. However, all ***** human sufferings have, as the author explains, nothing to do ***** misery. ***** *****n't have to be miserable if you are in *****. Someth*****g close to the "don't worry, be happy" message, Tim Hansel tells us that God gives ***** the possibility ***** choose and the possibility to ***** joyful with his help.

***** of ***** quotes that ***** expresses perhaps sums everything *****: "I ***** want to 'celebrate pain,' but more deeply understand the dignity of what can happen in it." Perhaps t***** explains *****he whole ***** of the book: it is not about avoiding pain, ***** is ***** about being ***** at ***** thought of pain and it is certainly not about avoiding pain. It is about learning to be full of ***** even when in *****, full of dign*****y ***** a human ***** should always *****. ***** can help ***** along the way ***** dealing with pain if you turn to him for *****.



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