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You Gotta Keep Dancin'

Tim Hansel's book "You gotta keep dancing" is perhaps one of the most profound and deep humanitarian message ever transmitted and this ***** may be included in the fundamental values of life. Along with Andre Malraux's "Human Condition," it expresses in a simple way what ***** is all about and what solutions we have to pain.

Pain, troubles, extreme conditions- ***** these seem to make up the human life and resume the ***** condition. How many times haven't we been faced ***** either or all of them? The auth***** himself seems ***** write from a personal experience: an accident while trekking in the Sierras has left him ***** terrible ***** for over twenty years now. However, all ***** hum***** sufferings have, as the author explains, nothing to do with misery. You don't have to be miserable if you are in pain. Something close to the "don't worry, be happy" message, Tim Hansel tells us that God gives ***** the possibility to choose and the ***** to ***** joyful with his help.

One of ***** quotes that Hansel ***** perhaps sums everything *****: "I ***** want to 'celebrate pain,' but more *****ly understand the dignity of what can happen in it." Perhaps ***** explains the whole message of the book: ***** is not about avoiding pain, it is ***** about being ***** at ***** thought of pain and it is certainly not about avoiding *****. It is about learning ***** be full of ***** even when in pa*****, full ***** dignity as a hum*****n being should al*****s be. ***** can help you along the way in dealing with pain if you turn to him for help.



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