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The purpose of this paper is to introduce and d*****cuss the meaning of color in "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott **********.


***** uses ***** elaborately in "The Great *****," and it usually has some ulterior mean*****g, like the "green light" that appears throughout the novel. Many critics say the green ***** symbolizes Daisy, but it is more than that.

***** believed in the green light, the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us. It eluded us then, but that's no matter - to*****morrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther.... ***** one f*****e morning..." (Fitzgerald 212). The ***** light is the whole type of life they *****re living. Their lives did *****t mean much -- they were empty and phony. They lived them ***** after year beca*****e that is what they did in East Egg, and society was the most important thing, you were who you knew, and what ***** had.

***** are several other green references in the novel, and they all have some***** to do with the lifestyle, and how these shallow people live. Wilson's face is ***** just ***** the "yellow car" hits his wife. The trees that gave way for Gatsby's house ***** green, and so is the water ***** ***** sound, on that hot day when they all drove in***** New York, and everything changed. Green in the ***** also signifies change, as well ***** life go*****g on.

***** ***** light also ***** the divide between West Egg and East Egg. Gatsby can see the green light from his house in ***** *****, ***** no matter ***** much money he has, and how many parties he throws, ***** people ***** West Egg will still look down on him a little bit. West Egg just does not measure up, and the green light sh*****ing across the ***** bay ***** *****s the two communities, is the visible symbol that in the eyes of ***** residents of East *****, West Egg is just another town, and they "slum it" when they come to Gatsby's *****.

Of c*****se green ***** also the color of money, and money is the ultimate theme of the book. You can call it many different things, from "***** is the root of all evil," to "money does not buy happiness," to "***** corrupts," but the book is all about money, and the references to green throughout ***** ***** can ***** all lead back to money, or the lack of it.

The color green, the color of money, plays an especially important role in t***** book - ***** light at the end ***** Daisy's deck, ***** same ***** that Gatsby watches every night, is green, and at the end of the novel, Nick describes North America as ***** large, undeveloped piece of ***** land had filled that the original Dutch explorers with hope and am*****ion. In this work, the color green symbolizes the quest for ***** American Dream and the belief


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