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The Great Gatsby

***** in 1920 America were changing rapidly from the Victorian attitudes that preceded them, and the novel "The ***** Gatsby," by F. Scott Fitzgerald clearly epitomizes these changing values. In business ***** in pleasure, the people Gats***** associates with are shallow, materialistic, nihilistic, and disloyal. These people lived hard, played *****, and often died young, as Myrtle and ********** *****dicate. They ***** celebrating ***** end of World War I and a new beginning for Americ*****, when it was prosperous and excessive. These new young Americans frightened their elders because they danced risque dances like the Charleston, smoked, drank, and spent large amounts of cash as ***** as they could. There were incre*****ingly interested in material possession, including the ostentatious mansions ***** East ***** West Egg. Continually throughout the novel, Fitzgerald portrays them as *****, uncaring, selfish, and incapable of real friendships and relationships. ***** are mostly ***** in themselves and ***** insatiable appetite for excess.

Perhaps the worst part ***** their selfish lifestyle was ***** c*****lessness. Myrtle dies because of careless and reckless driving, and many of the other activities in the novel show the characters' lack ***** respect for those around them. They are careless ***** they can be, ***** because they do not recognize there can be dire consequences to their careless actions. These ***** are also extremely ***** and hurtful to one a*****her. Daisy quickly runs to Gatsby when she f*****ds Tom is having an affair, and Tom flaunts his relationship with *****. These people seem incapable of fidelity or loyalty, and it hurts ***** around *****, although that does not seem to enter into ***** thoughts.

***** ***** the ***** ***** ***** entire American culture at the time? Of course not. Young, rich, and successful people *****ed to typify *****se values, and it was ********** their reaction to World War I that created t***** age of *****. These young people had seen and outlived a terrible w*****r. Afterward, the country became extremely successful. Some of *****se ***** people ***** seen the very worst ***** life, and now *****y ***** ready to throw off the memories to experience the very best of *****. They were ***** because they knew life ***** end in an inst*****t, and yet, in a paradox, they did not care. F*****zgerald ***** them as out of control in their lives. They speed through *****, hoping to experience e***** minute ***** it, ***** yet they do not experience any of it when ***** are drunk or even worse, bored. These are shallow, spoiled people, many of whom do not have ***** work for a living. They are consumed w*****h their own views of life, with their own m*****y, and with their ***** social status. That they mix with ***** ***** his "new money" fri*****s at all is amazing, but it ***** clear they keep them at arm's length, and never blur the lines between E*****t Egg and West Egg. They may go "slumming," ***** they never return the favor. These *****


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