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The Great Global Warming Swindle: A Film Documentary


***** free film documentary The ***** Global Warming Swindle (2007), found online at,presents a controversi*****l response to allegations that global warming is a result of mankind's pollution of the atmosphere by human generated greenhouse gases. The documentary presents the ideas and studies of scient*****ts who take the unpopular position that global warming is a natural event, and ***** it is cons*****tent with the earth's ever changing weather conditions; and that the current global ***** "scare" is to promote business profits in those sectors of business ***** stand to benefit financially from global warming as an "*****."

***** ***** warming theorists have responded to the documentary ***** their counter argument; some are good, and others are weak. The proposal of this essay is to attempt to present both sides; what is *****ed in the film documentary, how it is debunked by supporters of the global warming theory, and what information presented in the documentary and in ***** response can be debunked; ***** what ***** left after the debunking. What science remains after applying science to both arguments?

The Controversy

The ***** documentary The Great Global Warming ***** (2007), by director Martin Durkin, features ***** of the world's - and certainly the United States' - most highly credible and respected scientists in a discussion on global warming. The scientists are taking the position that ***** warming is occurring, but that it is more scientifically seen as the natural forces ***** nature ***** opposed to the man-made greenhouse gasses or CO2 put into the ***** by mankind. Their argument about global warming as a natural occurrence ***** compelling, and convincing.

At the foundation of ***** argument, which h***** garnered great support, including celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, ***** political force, like former Vice President Al Gore who has made a film about man's abuse of fossil fuels; is the notion ***** ***** warming ***** bringing about climate change that is responsible for everything from the melting of the icebergs at the north pole, to tidal waves and hurricanes (Gore, A., *****n Inconvenient Truth, 2006, motion-picture).

In response to the ***** th***** ***** and, especially, that CO2 - regardless of who put it in***** the air; mankind, plants, the residual of ***** decaying plant and life processes. A group ***** scientists, including highly ***** Professor Tim Ball, of the Univers*****y of Winnipeg; ***** Niv Shaviv, University ***** Jerusalem; Professor Ian Clark, University of Ottawa; Pr*****essor John Christy of ***** University of Alabama ***** lead author International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Pr*****essor Philip Stott, University of London; Professor Richard Lindzen, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and ***** ***** Harvard and o*****r ***** respected universities around the world. Have come together on film, loaded with scientific in*****mation which, if it does not refute mankind's responsibil*****y for global warming, at least demonstrates that there is a lack of scientific evidence to support ***** contention.

Because it is highly controversial, and because these scient*****ts have ********** the unpopular


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