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group decision-making

What are the advantages and disadvantages to group decision-making?

***** term 'group think' is often a neg*****tively applied, a pejorative term used to describe conformist thinking. Thus, one of the primary disadvantages of a group *****s opposed to a team is that ***** dynamics of group interaction can stifle individual creativity, stifling the different potential contributions from a potentially diverse collection of people. The strengths ***** human diversity and multiplicity are lost when only the opinions of the most vocal and extraverted, are heard. However, one potential ***** advantage is that a group ***** be greater than the sum of its parts, pooling ***** experiences, impressions, competencies and ideas ***** many people from ***** backgrounds. No single ***** in today's complex and dem*****ing society can do and know everything—if facilitated properly, a group's strengths can be collective stronger ***** conglomerate individuals that make up the gro*****, and become its own entity.

What is a *****up?

***** work group is defined as collections of ***** who interact and function together in ways ***** are representative more of their areas ***** collective expertise, than individual merits. People ***** in work groups together much as they ***** in unified departments within an organization.

How does a group differ from a team?

On a true ***** the human parts of the group still retain their integrity ***** individuals, but ***** a part ***** a whole th*****t is larger than their individual selves—teams bring specialized skills or knowledge that are vital to ***** organizational goals, like a baseball team is made up of a good pitcher and a hitter, fielders, etc., with the aim ***** winning a ch*****mpionship—ra*****r than just lots of great *****s.

How can a ***** become a high-performance *****?

People must feel free to share their unique skills and ideas, so they can ***** ***** to solve problems and achieve common goals. High-performance teams listen as well as talk, are comfortable with re*****onable disagreements, but keep task-focused so consensus ultimately occurs and the end of the brains*****rming and problem-*****lving


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