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Why is "Hamlet" set in Denmark?

Other than his plays that specifically deal with English history, like "Richard III," it was unusual for Shakespeare to set his plays in his native country. Shakespeare preferred to use the setting of the play to underline the themes of his work. This is why he chose an Itali***** ***** to tell the romantic and passionate tale ***** "Romeo and Juliet." The gloomy, dank setting of the Dan*****h court was ideal for the melancholy tragedy of "Hamlet"

However, Shakespeare ***** also influenced by his source. ***** story of the Danish king who killed his brother to assume the throne "is based on a Norse legend composed by Saxo Grammaticus in Latin around 1200 AD. The sixteen books that compr*****e Saxo Grammaticus' Gesta Danorum, or History of the Danes, tell ***** the rise ***** fall of the great rulers of Denmark, and ***** tale of Amleth, Saxo's Hamlet" unfolds in books three and four, ending ***** Amleth, after pret***** to be mad to deceive the murderous ruler, taking revenge ***** his fa*****r (Mabillard, 1999). Shakespeare did make substantial alterations in the character of Amleth, such as making him indecisive rather ***** merely vengeful.

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