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Hamlet's attitude towards women


***** is a play that has received a wide range of criticism and interpretation in the academic world. As the critic A. C. Bradley wrote, the character ***** Hamlet, "...has been the subject of more discussion than any other in the whole literature of ***** world" (Bradley, "Shakespearean Tragedy," 90). Hamlet is a complex ***** subtle pl*****y and has ***** interpreted from many perspectives; including sociological, psychological and philosophical points of view. This ***** also led to views about the actions ***** ***** that include Freudian perceptions and ***** philosophical and existential interpretations of his character.

***** of the central areas of discussion in ***** literature is Hamlet's attitude towards women. Many *****s have commented on Hamlet's seemingly strange and often overtly aggressive attitude towards characters like Ophelia. However, understanding Hamlet's view of ***** necessities a thorough understanding of the central themes of the play and cannot be seen in isolation from the larger issues that drive his actions. In essence, ***** view of women is driven by the fa*****r's murder that is linked to h***** m*****'s untimely marriage to his Uncle.

*****. Gertrude and Ophelia

***** play revolves around Hamlet's obsession with the murder of ***** father, and his desire and need for revenge. From Hamlet's perspective, *****laudius has not only killed his father, the King, but has also usurped his throne and married his mother. The core of ***** view of ***** is based on the view that h***** mot*****er was somehow complicit in the ***** or at least sexually willing to marry Claudius. ***** appalls and h*****rifies Hamlet at ***** deepest psychological ***** existential level and result in his " madness" and his behavior ***** characters ***** Ophelia.

The female ***** in the play are, to a large extent, the driving force and ***** impetus behind the tragedy of the main character. Hamlet is driven to his ***** by ***** existential crisis within himself. The fact that his mother is involved in a sexual relati*****ship with ***** father's murderer ***** effect"unhinges" Hamlet and h***** actions become a combination of cunning plans to expose ********** mother and Claudius, and his own growing insanity.

It should also be noted that the thoughts ***** actions of Hamlet ***** regard to women ***** also be seen against the *****r philosophical interpretation of ***** play. The Queen and Claudius ***** symbols ***** the larger corruption in ***** world. Before he meets the ghost, Hamlet is already dee***** d*****turbed by the marriage between ***** and his mother so *****on after his father's death and this marriage is ***** by Hamlet to represent all that is wrong with nature ***** the universe.

This can be seen in his first soliloquy in act 1.Scene 11; where he expresses a sense of profound depression at ***** existential meaningless of life. His mind is filed with suicidal thoughts and the ***** of ***** emptiness ***** life.

"How weary, stale, flat and unprofitable, Seem to me all the uses of th***** world!" (1.


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